a post-christmas lunchdate with my college friends

my kumares: sharon, mae, and amy, with daughter EC
a day after christmas i met up with my friends from college for our traditional annual meet-up. for this year, it was originally slated as a class reunion and having sent our invites just in the beginning of december, it was safe to assume that more people can make it this year. hah! wishful thinking!
jared playing around the resto
i got to gerry’s grill malolos a solid one and a half hour later than the agreed time (the always-fashionably-late me!) with my baby in tow. i had an excuse, see we arrived home very late yesterday from our christmas adventure and i texted my friends earlier on that i will be arriving late, okay, much later!
a rare moment with jared looking into the camera
 i was actually surprised to see just the three of them present. maybe, in the middle of the christmas holidays,  other people are busy with their own celebration, family gatherings and whatnot. anyway, the three ladies were deep into juicy conversations when we arrived!
amy (one of the masterminds of this get-together), who just got back from dubai, came with her not-so-little-anymore darling daugther, blessy may.  sharon, on the other hand, was not able to coerce his son, Paolo (my inaanak – godchild), to go with her and left her younger son, Patrick, with his dad. mae is one of the barkadas (along with jackie, who was not able to make it, and ella who is abroad now)  who remains single and childless today.
jared + mummy, with blessy may
it was an afternoon of reminiscing our college days, catching up on each other, jokes, funny and heartwarming stories, painful and beautiful memories, rumors and endless chatters, and scrumptious food! 
the delectable sisig
yummy chopsuey
sumptuous spare ribs
we even had a kris kringle for four people since no body else came. manny, a classmate in one of our subjects back then, who happens to be dropping by gerry’s grill to take his lunch, stopped by our table and had some photo op:)
i got sharon’s big gift for the kris kringle:)
mae got my gift, i hope she likes it!
this time with an accidental attendee, classmate manny
it was so nice to see my old friends.  work, families and other important things keep us busy in our lives but we do manage to keep in touch, through occasional texting, chatting, updating on facebook and meeting up on important events like children’s birthdays and others. i realized we’ve known each other for more than 10 years now but what’s so amusing is whenever we meet, it seemed like all those many years never passed and we were just wacky college students yet again.
to my friends, thanks for your lovely gifts to jared, it was such a great experience seeing you and i hope to see you again very soon….
thanks to sharon, amy, mae and manny for the photos:)

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  1. Sarap naman ng mga food dito, Mommy vix! Just like you, I've met with old friends of mine too, grade school friends nga lang. It's nice to meet up with the same people you've grown with and see them successful now. It's great to know you've bonded with your college buddies even now that you guys have kids of your own na.

  2. good to see you can still give gifts after Christmas. looks like you're having fun.

  3. @purpleplumfairy – sarap nga sis, kaso was not able to eat much kc kalong ko c jared..hehe!very nice experience to meet up with good ol' friends, it keeps you young diba?

  4. @purpleplumfairy – sarap nga sis, kaso was not able to eat much kc kalong ko c jared..hehe!very nice experience to meet up with good ol' friends, it keeps you young diba?

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