girls talk on resolutions: health

first topics for 2011:

my healths resolution for this year include:
  • visiting my ob for a papsmear and mammogram, which i also intend to do annually, and which i have also put on hold for the longest time
  • going to the dentist and give my chompers a much-needed cleaning and check-up
  • taking a trip to the nearest ortho as well to have my wrist checked. i have been experiencing joint pains there for quite some time now and, save for that impromptu consultation i had with my son’s pedia which ended up with me taking cataflam for pain relief, i never really had it checked. it worries me and annoys me at the same time. thinking it might be a reason for a more serious condition and it usually gets in the way of my childminding tasks and daily chores. 
  • having my sugar checked, since diabetes runs in the family
  • living a healthier life, again, this year and that means cutting back on meat, dairies, preserved and junk food consumption
  • taking vitamins to boost my immune system but i simply dislike synthetic ones so am on the look out for natural and organic vitamins for mums?any suggestions?
  • reducing the amount of food i intake, or simply put, diet! i noticed that i eat like a madman of late and is seriously need to cut back on my rice intake, i do not want anymore unsightly pounds on my midsection plus i seriously want to fit into my old jeans again
  • lastly, setting a good example to my son, so i shall walk the talk, and by the way, did i tell you i intend to live as long as my baby needs me, probably another good 30 years down the road, so i really have no other options but live healthy
listed your health resolutions yet? go ahead and don’t forget to link up….

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