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i’ve made resolutions year after year, i’ve realized some and time and again broken quite a number of ’em too. i’ve written quite a few posts on it as well, in several blog memes i have joined. 
for this year i would like to basically live my life to the fullest, i want to stop and smell the flowers, enjoy every minute and every second that i am alive. take life as it is, celebrate it and revel in it. life is way too short and at the last stop of my journey i do not want to look back with way too many regrets thinking i should’ve read this book or tried learning how to scuba dive, or went to this place or that, or told my son i love him often enough. i would like that attitude to rub unto my son too, it will be my ultimate fulfillment as a mother to know that my child lives his life to the fullest.
specifically, i’d love to go out much and enjoy the sun. by going out i don’t necessarily mean going to the mall or any place in particular (although i’d love to do that too!), taking a morning stroll with my son around the neighborhood will suffice. he marvels at the simple things: the bird flying by, the puppy running down the road, or the kids at play two doors down, and his favorite, the butterfly fluttering by.
i would also love to go back to my pre-motherhood passion, yoga (i used to do it on my own, learning from videos and the book, power yoga for dummies, but if given the chance i would love to attend this class 20 minutes away from our place)+ reading (i still read sometimes but not regularly, only when jared is taking a nap or playing on his own in his crib, and when i am not busy tinkering stuffs online!).
lastly, i would definitely like to finish all my unfinished tasks from last year, especially my son’s first year scrapbook, so i can move on to my next project (like planning my baby’s second birthday!yay!) 
so here’s to an exciting 2011! cross our fingers for all our resolutions!

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  1. oh… i'd like to try yoga myself. i bought a book about it, but i think i really need an instructor.. well, good luck on that girl! more power…

  2. stop to smell the flowers. that's something all of us should do, because again, as you said, life is too short to let it pass by us without fully appreciating its beauty 🙂

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