jared’s first cinema experience

we did something new for jared’s 16-month birthday celebration last december 30. we trooped to sm mall of asia to watch a movie!
this is another feather in jared‘s little cap as, aside from setting foot in moa for the first time (cause that one instance when he is still in my tummy is surely not counted, right?), he will be watching in the widescreen for the first time! 
knowing full well that my son will of course have the attention span of a 16-month old, i am expecting that he will only enjoy the movie without fussing for a good 30 minutes (or just as long as a pocoyo episode lasts!) and true enough, after being glued to the widescreen (and focusing on the film like he’s a grown up!) for a solid 30 minutes, it is time to fidget and fuss on mummy’s lap, and worse cry and turn it into a full-blown tantrum. 
so i had to get up and roam the cinema (like it’s a park or something) with jared in tow, in the middle of the film’s good parts, which i just had to visualize and watch audibly (however that is possible is a task only toddler mummies can master!). i brought him to the loo just for a change of scenery and he giggled having spotted himself in the mirror!
thank heavens for little mercy, i was able to watch the final parts of the film when my son conceded to being carried by his tito in the condition that i will be on standby for when he wants me to carry him back. we were able to see the ending of the 3d film standing just before the balcony part of the cinema, where my son deemed it entertaining for us adults to saunter back and forth with him in our arms. 
all in all, it was a worthwhile and interesting experience and i look forward to watching more films with my baby in the future.
tips for mummies bringing their babies for the first time in cinemas:
  • choose a film that would best catch your son’s attention
  • bring him to a surround-sound cinema just to be sure the sounds will still be pleasant to his little, sensitive ears especially in those parts where the sounds tend to be too loud
  • be prepared to not see the film in its entirety
  • make sure to tag along a favorite tita (aunt) or tito (uncle) to assist you
  • choose a seat near to the exit are for 
have you began training your future movie buff?

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  1. hehe! ang saya ng experience diba.. recently, we watched Dalaw, and kia wants to watch un kanila Vic S., sabi pa nia, mommy Enteng Kabisote..haha! taz sabi nia ba naman..takot ako, mumu! hehe! dpa nagstart un movie, sumisigaw na xa..papansin lang naman..pero di na natakot, malamig kasi..mas feel nia matulog na lang..wah! kumbaga, nagcheck in xa worth P150..para matulog..wah! palagi kami may kasama to watch movie kasi minsan, may mga bad people na magsnatch ng thing s namin, and am scared of that to happen lalo't kasama ko si kia..ayaw q..wag po sana..hihi!

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