mama kat’s writer’s workshop – 20 ideas to make this your best year yet

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i received this prompt 2 weeks back, i think and didn’t get around to finishing my list until now, so without further ado….
to make 2011 the best year ever, i have these 20 ideas in mind:
  1. go back to yoga 
  2. get back in shape
  3. go swimming with my son (it will be his first, so we are so looking forward to it!)
  4. finally learn how to cook delicious and scrumptious meals my son and i can share, i am currently in the look out for recipes and cooking tips and what nots on the net and am glad to have found one🙂
  5. go on out-of-town travels (i have subic, tagaytay and baguio in mind)
  6. enroll in a swimming class with my son
  7. go to play gyms more often so jared can have loads of fun
  8. visit a park maybe something near or probably the la mesa ecopark one of these weekends
  9. read a book each week, or if not possible, each month (i have quite a few unread ones i bought when i was pregnant, stashed somewhere)
  10. download more pocoyo + barney episodes
  11. more exciting posts on my blog
  12. buy matching shirts for me, daddy + jared
  13. start refilling my piggy bank
  14. get new story books for my son + i to read
  15. reach level 100 in cafeworld then fullstop!
  16. write poetry again
  17. send snail mail to my friend more often
  18. update my bucketlist (which i’ve written a few years back)
  19. watch a concert again (if only i can tag jared along)
  20. stick to a morning ritual every single day: pray/meditate-yoga-blog-breakfast
to join future writer’s workshop or if you’re simply draining on creative juices and is running out of things to write, check out mama kat‘s recently revamped site for gazillions of writing prompts and whatnot. enjoy! 

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