meet me on monday 30th edition

am doing a double entry since i was not able to post this last week…
meet me on monday 29th edition
1.  Do you have any New Year’s resolutions?
2.  What food item are you craving right now?
3.  When is your birthday?
4.  What were you doing an hour ago?
5.  Last thing you cooked?
my answers:
1.  i have a few 2011 resolutions (which will be posted in series or in forms of other blog memes in the coming days so stay tuned!) including waking up early so i can blog whilst the baby sleeps soundly, establishing an effective morning routine, and what’s most important, is to finally learn how to whip up delectable dishes my son will love and actually eat!
2. i had ice cream last saturday, i almost consume the entire 8ooml tub! but i am still craving for it now! 
3. i was born on a tuesday, august 28, 1979!
4. an hour ago, i was sleeping sound while cradling my angel in my arms.
5. the last thing i cooked was sauteed little crabs (with the directions from daddy and the intervention and help of my brother, ken)
meet me on monday 30th edition

1.  Have you (only you..not a group) ever won first place in anything?
2.  Are your toes always painted (sorry guys…this question for girls only)?
3.  What color eyes do you have?
4.  Look to your left….what do you see?
5.  Soft cookies or crunchy cookies?

my answers:
1. i won first place in an essay writing contest in my third year in high school, the topic is all about indigenous people on enhancing their rights and concerns. honestly, until now, i wasn’t so sure why i won:)
2. recently, i’ve made it sort of like a me-time to enjoy a pedicure so you’d always see me sporting painted toes, which would last up to two weeks since me-time comes quite seldom. 
3. my eyes are colored dark brown
4. the pc is here in our room (did i mention i co-sleep with my 16-month old?) and exactly left of me is the white door.
5. i simply love crunchy cookies, especially the chocolate ones, yum!:)
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happy meet me on monday everyone!

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