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for mommy moments 2011 maiden edition, we are asked to write about our goals for this year..i haven’t really laid out a blueprint of my 2011 resolutions (most of which will end up being broken a few months into the year, anyway!) but these are a few that comes to mind (which i intend to stick by!) simple, but otherwise personal, and hopefully attainable goals:
  • finally learn how to cook nutritious, interesting and delicious meals for jared
  • save, save, save!
  • get back to yoga (so i can get back in shape)
  • enroll jared in a swimming class
  • teach jared basic toddler education: abc, 123, body parts, nursery rhymes, etc.
  • re-establish reading to jared before bedtime (we’ve been doing it since he was very little)
  • find myself an online job!
  • update my sss and philhealth contribution (thanks to fedhz + chris for reminding!)
  • work out a very effective morning ritual for myself (e.g. daily contemplation, yoga, blogging before jared is up)
  • lessen tv/media time for jared so we can focus more on his learning
  • learn to manage my time (e.g. the chores) perfectly
these are but a few that comes to mind and would like to make sure that i keep..hopefully i can get back to this post by next year and find out i have realized all of them..blessed be!
have you made your resolution yet?

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  1. i know that you can achieve them mommy!:) May God bless you on your adventure this year! 😀

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