music monday – So Beautiful by Darren Hayes of Savage Garden

my entry to this week’s 
savage garden is one of my all-time favorite bands and darren hayes (when he was the object of my sister’s desire or even when he openly admitted he is gay and married his boyfriend of two years), in my opinion, is simply one of the most beautiful persons around…amazing lyrics, it always floored me to listen to his songs and he just feels too much, which is very evident in every song he writes and sings…
this song is just one of my favorites from him (you can only imagine how hard it is too choose, i have way too many favorites!haha!) i hope you like it too..enjoy!

note: thanks google for the photos and youtube for the video

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  1. @kha – glad that you liked it, i kinda missed this cause i used to listen to darren everyday..thanks for stoppingby:)

  2. @freelancer24kha – it does remind of my younger years too, but i really refused to call savage garden a boyband, hope you don't mind, thanks for dropping by:)

  3. ay favorite ko din itong mga ito! love all their songs 🙂

    thanks for the comment, sis. yes, think of a meme din para magmeme-han tayong mga moms. lol! 🙂

  4. @the all-around mom – i totally agree mommy!
    been having some ideas for a blog meme, sana lang if ever madami magparticipate:)

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