my 2010 in a nutshell

as i waive goodbye to the year that was 2010
i look back with mixed emotions to the year that has been
a year of beginning and renewing passions,
a year of creating lifelong traditions,
jared’s baptismal cake from goldilocks
carried here by ninang jackie
this time by ninang meia
we welcome jared to the christian world in january,
one of the many firsts to celebrate with my baby,
i’ve also started teaching him how to pray,
 but just won’t simply clasp his hand whichever way,
and i finally said goodbye to my work of almost five years, in may,
 deciding to be a full-time mom, a 24/7 career sans pay!
the highlight of my year, 
the reason for our cheer, 
we joined with friends and family,
as we celebrate jared’s very first birthday 
complete with a special dance number from jollibee
 i’ve also rediscovered my old forgotten passion
rising from phoenix ashes was my muse,
albeit in another form
eureka! for blogging
and welcome to my very own online journalling,
with it i embrace unimaginable fun
the contests, the memes, and the bloghops
and everything else that goes with the mommy blogger thang
i was invited to an event or two
and attended with my son in tow,
apart from the food, apart from the freebies
i particularly enjoyed meeting like-minded mummies.
jared started to walk and toddle,
and was up for a run in no time,
he started babbling and uttered his very first  “ma”
and even the occasional “pa”
he had his first haircut in september, 
and i actually thought of keeping the first locks i cut
in the pages of harry potter
i usher in the terrible twos 
not to mention the boo-boos and the poos
mummies got a handful,
and it all the more make life wonderful.
   then it was time to cap the year, 
and as we try to trap the christmas cheer inside of our gifts,
hoping to brighten up the day
of anyone who receives,
my baby was up and about,
going places here and there,
enchanted kingdom on christmas day
we’ve been to moa,
and watched rpg metanoia,
we’ve been to fun ranch,
and to activefun

as we usher in the new year 2011,
i bring with me everything of the past year worth remembering
the wonderful moments,
and the colorful memories.

note: this is my entry to batangyagit’s  “my 2010” blog contest. and thanks to league of legends strategy for sponsoring this awesome giveaway!

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  1. I LOVE this post, Jared's Mum! I especially love the poem you wrote. How talented! Jared is very lucky to have such a dedicated mom like you. Godspeed!

  2. glad that you liked it!i have never written any poetry in awhile and i missed it i guess..thanks:)

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