nope don’t even try searching for that site cause it doesn’t exist, i just recently coined it to celebrate my latest blogging milestones (they are milestones in my book, and i’ve included them in my 2011 blogging goal, which i have to make a separate post about!). check out my lovely nuffnang add down at my side bar, i’ve just recently discovered it and was quite elated to see that a nuffie is finally running on my blog (and didn’t i tell you i am earning for it? well, it  wasn’t that much and i think it would take me months or even a year to withdraw my very first nuffnang payment, but hey, it is a start, right?), hoorah! for that i offer my thanks to you, yes you my dear reader for visiting my humble blog, thanks ever so much:)
it is also noteworthy that my followers and e-mail subscribers will soon be reaching up to a hundred and i am just so thankful to everyone who follows, visit, reads and comments. thanks to you all!

and the most important milestone of all, i just recently got my new domain! yes, is now up and running. for this i have to say a big thank you to the domain angel and gracious mommy rubz of pinay mommy blogger for my new and  free (yes, you read that right!) .info domain. i couldn’t thank you enough, mommy rubz!
and as if that is not enough, mommy rubz, who is also celebrating her Pinay Mommy Online’s 3rd blog anniversary amongst a host of other stuffs worthy of celebration, is having a thanksgiving giveaway with loads of prizes at stake! and yeah, did i mention jared’s little corner of the world is one of the sponsors? (yup, another milestone, you might say, ayt?) not to give you the wrong impression though, (no i wasn’t earning yet from my blog, but hopes to be soon) but it is just my humble way of sharing my blessings too, remember i won this blog giveaway in november? as my thanksgiving i am sharing part of it (since it wasn’t big enough to share with each and everyone of you!) to all my blogging friends.

to join, simply make a post of the things you are thankful for (much like what i’ve written so far), include the list of all the lovely sponsors (like that one below) and submit your blog post to mommy rubz. easy enough right? if you have more questions or clarifications on contest specifics, simply click on that beautiful pink badge! and also, kindly mention that vixenp33atgmaildotcom referred you to this giveaway, thanks;)
We would like to thank all the sponsors of Pinay Mommy Online’s Thanksgiving Giveaway!!

so what are you waiting for? If you want to join this fabulous giveaway, please visit Pinay Mommy Online’s Thanksgiving Giveaway now!

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  1. Hi! just wanted to ask how long it took for the nuffnang ad to start running. Mine is not running yet. Thanks in advance!

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