gt: life’s resolution

i’ve made resolutions year after year, i’ve realized some and time and again broken quite a number of ’em too. i’ve written quite a few posts on it as well, in several blog memes i have joined. 
for this year i would like to basically live my life to the fullest, i want to stop and smell the flowers, enjoy every minute and every second that i am alive. take life as it is, celebrate it and revel in it. life is way too short and at the last stop of my journey i do not want to look back with way too many regrets thinking i should’ve read this book or tried learning how to scuba dive, or went to this place or that, or told my son i love him often enough. i would like that attitude to rub unto my son too, it will be my ultimate fulfillment as a mother to know that my child lives his life to the fullest.
specifically, i’d love to go out much and enjoy the sun. by going out i don’t necessarily mean going to the mall or any place in particular (although i’d love to do that too!), taking a morning stroll with my son around the neighborhood will suffice. he marvels at the simple things: the bird flying by, the puppy running down the road, or the kids at play two doors down, and his favorite, the butterfly fluttering by.
i would also love to go back to my pre-motherhood passion, yoga (i used to do it on my own, learning from videos and the book, power yoga for dummies, but if given the chance i would love to attend this class 20 minutes away from our place)+ reading (i still read sometimes but not regularly, only when jared is taking a nap or playing on his own in his crib, and when i am not busy tinkering stuffs online!).
lastly, i would definitely like to finish all my unfinished tasks from last year, especially my son’s first year scrapbook, so i can move on to my next project (like planning my baby’s second birthday!yay!) 
so here’s to an exciting 2011! cross our fingers for all our resolutions!
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so much more than hot…

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TABASCO® Original Red. All opinions are 100% mine.

anyone who knows me will surely know of my infamous low tolerance for anything hot or spicy. i simply can not stand it, it stings my taste buds unnecessarily. the most i can venture into is a drizzle of hot sauce on my pizza slice and that’s about it!

i particularly love TABASCO® Original Red and that every time we go to our favorite pizza place, a little bottle of it is usually on standby in the condiments’ cart. i simply enjoy how it enhances the flavor of black olives, onions and pepperoni on my pizza, how the simple combination of salt, red pepper  and vinegar can have this uncanny ability to bring out the most in my food. it is truly not about heat for heat’s sake. but this spice master does not only bring black olives to life, check Pizza Perfected for more delectale examples. 

some friends i know  would just put TABASCO® Original Red in practically everything they eat: mac + cheese, adobo or any filipino viand, or, yes even in their popcorns! daddy loves it on his burger and i know for sure that when jared grows up, he would enjoy it too! well probably we can start another  family tradition by then, a pizza party while enjoying the superbowl! hmm, i can’t wait! that will be quite a while from now, but even so i’ll check out  Game-Day Party Menu for interesting ideas.

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weekend blog follower caravan 05

it’s saturday once again, and time again for this favorite meme mummies. for this week’s edition of weekend blog follower caravan, we will be subscribing to our fellow bloggers via email so make sure your subscription form’s up on your side bar (check out this tutorial from fellow pinay mommy blogger, mommy kaye, for instructions) or better yet include it in your welcome post for easy access. and don’t forget to confirm that subscription in your email to make it valid and leave a comment to let our friends know you are subscribing!
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so are you ready yet? let the e-mail subscription caravan begins!
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my little fuzzy eater

most of this bowl of rice krispies and milk ended up on the floor

feeding jared has never been a problem, well,  not until he started eating solids that is! 

when he was a little, tiny (err, he was never really tiny) baby, feeding him is easy-peasy. a 2-once bottle of milk will be gone by a minute and a half you’d wonder where it went. when he turned 6 months and had his first taste of baby food, my problem started! 

uncomfortable with the alien texture in his mouth, he would either choke on it, throw it all up and the food will either end up on the floor, or on mummy’s clothes and face or worse, left lonely, untasted and untouched! sometimes feeding him can be quite frustrating, a dramatic episode off a soap opera, or plain and simple traumatic! who would not be traumatized seeing your baby’s eyes bulge and redden as he choke on the food you lovingly prepared for him? it was sure one reason for mum to have a bad day.
i’ve consulted with his pedia and scan parenting magazines and online articles on tips on how to whet his appetite, i even consulted with other mum friends for advice and even give him appetite-enhancing baby vitamin hoping his love of food will develop.

so far, here’s what i’ve done:

  • vary his food each meal so he will be accustomed to different kinds of taste and texture
  • make sure i tag him along when the family eats so he’ll get the hang of it and probably be enticed to eat too
  • introduce different varieties of food to him like fruits, vegetables, yogurt, and breads 
  • i even ordered these lovely pocoyo plate and bowl online thinking he will be inspired to eat knowing how much he adores pocoyo (am now thinking of buying these lovely terramoto ceramic blue polka dot dinnerware, maybe it would be inviting enough for him to finish his soup or veggies)
  • am brushing up on my cooking skills so i can prepare delicious meals for the little man, so far i’ve managed to cook ground beef with veggies and tomato sauce, some vegetable dishes because i want jared to be a healthy eater when he grows up. come to think of it maybe i must beef up the kitchen as well just to be prepared for the growing feeding need of my growing baby. maybe i should get that stove with propane grilling with bronze burners or that  #5 rubber stopper wine bottle (err, on second thought, i probably won’t be needing this one yet!)
  • i make it a point to always serve his favorite, like i noticed he enjoys eating and he does eat a lot when he has soup, and he simply love yogurt and yogurt drink so i make sure i give him those regularly

so far it has been an on-and-off ball game, he would enjoy one meal and he can finish a bowl,  then he will find the next one uninteresting, just a spoon and he is done. i am discovering new ways and means to improve his solid food eating habits, he will be 17 months tomorrow, he ought to be consuming more solids and slowly weaning on milk, right?

any ideas mummies?

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