rpg metanoia

we recently braved the pre-holiday traffic madness and went to sm mall of asia to watch rpg metanoia in 3d.
rpg metanoia is the very first filipino 3d animated feature film, and every pinoy must be proud of it. it is a joint venture of thaumatrope,ambientmedia and abs-cbn and was an official entry to the recently concluded metro manila film festival. the 3d animation in this local film has the quality at par with its foreign contemporaries and showcases the world-class talents of our local 3d animators.
the tale follows the story of an 11-year old, seemingly ordinary boy, nico (voiced by zaijan jaranilla) who becomes a superhero whenever he plays the mmorpg (Massively Multi-players Online Role Playing Game)metanoia, armed with his magic yoyo and amazing speed and agility. join him as he saves his most favorite game, including its players from servers the world over, from the villain who infected the game with a virus!

the johnson’s pure essential loot bag
my free movie pass!
other celebrities included in this project are aga muhlach (voice behind nico’s dad), eugene domingo (the voice behind nico’s mum) and a host of other child actors who played nico’s friends.
all in all, it was a film gamers (which are practically every kid nowadays!)and non-gamers (like moi!) alike will enjoy and appreciate. and did i mention i get to see it for free? i won 4 movie passes (including snacks and a lootbag, which i am reserving for my blogger friend, vance, who tipped me about this giveaway!) for a special screening from johnson’s pure essentials and abs-cbn!
it is still shown at cinemas so do catch it, if you haven’t seen it yet that is!
enjoy watching and support the filipino movies!

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