a goal to be in my best mummy-form

What is your weight loss/health and fitness goal for this year and how do you intend to achieve this?

at almost 32 years, and after having a c-section and incurring all those post-baby weight (more noticeably in my mid-section) i was not able to shed off after 17 months, and after acquiring this gargantuan appetite post-pregnancy that, for some unknown reason, seem to have never dissipated, i must admit i am nowhere near the ideal shape and form i aspire to be. how i miss the good old days, all those many pounds ago…
probably not many people know about the physical challenges that childminding a 17-month old toddler entails. it is pure hard labor, i tell you! lagging my son around when strolling the malls, or doing my regular grocery rounds, or attending blogging and mommy events, or simply taking an afternoon walk around the neighborhood, and not to mention, doing all those sans stroller since the little man deemed himself big enough to do without it, can leave me bone-tired at the end of the day with all those aching muscles! and to add chasing after him all day around the house when he plays non-stop or having my heart skip a bit almost all the time whenever he practices the newly acquired skill of climbing up and down the bed. i (and not to mention my heart!) really need to be in tiptop shape to keep up with my son and endure all that and live to tell the tale!
so, as a sort of resolution and a pledge, i resolved to be in my healthiest + fittest best this year! (yes, all those superlatives are necessary!☺) and to do all that, here’s what i have in mind:
  • avoid all those junk foods (yep sometimes i simply can’t resist ’em)
  • avoid being sedentary for an hour or more (read: must find other sports other than facebooking! ☺)
  • eat a healthy, well-balanced diet with more of fresh fruits and veggies
  • do yoga again (i was doing this regularly everyday not so long ago and i really miss communing with my yoga mat, i know it badly needed my attention!). my body, mind and soul can benefit much from this practice but as of yet, i haven’t found the time to visit the yoga center i have discovered down town.
  • avoid fussing + stressing too much (yep, even if we’ve grown used to doing these, it will really do us wonders avoiding it altogether!)
so, what are your weight loss + fitness plan for 2011? answer that and you might just win yourself a $50 cash prize via paypal and lovely tokens from fat girl no more. simply click here for further details on how to join.
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  1. i don't see any tummy or extra fat to lose. your still as sexy as you are. Waah, what about me??? I really need to find time to remove this extra bulge in my body.

    thanks for dropping by.

  2. Hi, Mmy Vix! I am doing the "After Six" diet. I have lose some weight already except some fats on my tummy ehehehe, I have not resorted to sit-ups yet, maybe some firming and toning exercise will do.

  3. hey mommy, you look good pa rin naman! but yes, its more than just the number, diba, its being a healthier you.

    oooh you do yoga too!!!! nicey!!!!

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