a sunday with parenTIn.tv

celebrating valentine’s day one week in advance, that was what parenTIN.tv’s i love my family event was all about. it was a celebration of showing our love for our family.


we arrived a little after the registration and was lucky enough to get a belo goody bag (of belo men facial wash and energizing bar – for the daddy!) and some stuffs from el real pasta.

before the program commenced, we managed to sqeeze into the bee line for the photo booth and had these  taken (photos of the event can be downloaded here):

jared + mum

with tita vance this time

other activity booths are: galileo enrichment booth, baby company drawing booth (jared is still quite little to join), and the delectable josiah’s party jr. chocolate fountain booth (i managed to sample a little of the wafer sticks, since when it was time for me to get some, all the goodies are gone!)

the afternoon kicked off with the presentation of the mums for the “i love mom makeover” contest. 3 lovely moms were lucky enough to be win a makeover from david salon, clothes and shoes from bayo and a goody bag full of belo products. (sorry i was lagged with a 14-kilo baby that decent photos are next to impossible)


what i particularly enjoyed about this event are the love talks from experts (daddy should’ve been present, he might’ve learned a thing or two there *wink*). the first one was “his needs, her needs” by maribel dionisio, m.a. of love institute. here’s an excerpt:

men’s emotional needs vs women’s emotional need:
attractive spouse                      
recreational companionship    
domestic support                    
sexual fulfillment                      
family commitment
financial stability
honesty and openness

” marriage, families + relationships are more of a process of learning the dance rather than finding the dancer.”

another interesting chat on love language was given by real-life partners, tibo + vangie evalle of educhild foundation highlighting the importance of an open communication, both verbal or otherwise, in the success of every relationship.

another talk was given by dr.vicki belo’s daughter, crystal, on belo’s latest products + dr. arvin faundo, of cordlife philippines on cordblood banking

an on-the-spot painting performance was also done by childwonder angel, whose surname escapes me now, pardon me, and was followed by the awarding of winners for the baby company’s artwork contest.

and another one of my favorite part of the program, and jared’s too, judging from the way he strangled mum so he can go to the stage, the dance number by the baby ai-non mascot.

in between those, vance managed to take these photo,

including this one with ms. tintin, when we were able to corner her on the side:)

the last part of the program was the reveal of the 3 mums, fully made up and dolled up and serenaded by the rainmakers (for those of us who do not know them, they originally sang “binbini)

and did i say i was able to see about a dozen members of pmb there, but sadly mingling with my jared in tow can be quite a mean feat that i  have to decide against it. i did manage to chat with a fellow member, though, mommy joy (who, by the way is having a blog anniversary promo) during the baby ainon mascot dance number.

all in all it parentin.tv was one worthwhile experience i am surely to repeat and tintin did hint on an upcoming mommy bloggers’ event, so we’ll see you next:)
special thanks to my friend, vance, for taking these lovely shots:)

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