a weekend to remember

everyone is always looking forward to the weekends for many varied reasons:

  • a quick break from school 
  • a respite from your otherwise frenetic and stressful schedule at work
  • some others, for a weekend out-of-town getaway 
  • and for working mummies – a time to bond with your babies + hubbies. just thinking and planning your lined-up activities gets you all bubbly and excited!

and in case you were wondering what’s a 24/7, stay-at-home mum got to do with free days weekends, i am here to bust the myth! most people probably have the wrong notion that when you were a stay-at-home mum, there isn’t really much fun looking forward to the weekends, since, technically, it is almost always like everyday-is-a-weekend since you’re practically at home everyday, right? i say totally wrong!

being at home virtually for 24/7, 7 days a week doesn’t make me feel less enthusiastic about the weekend. in fact, it is something i still appreciate very much. having worked for a 24-hour-operation company, with work schedule that requires me to be away even on weekends, i must tell you how much having all my time on weekends to myself and my baby means to me. gone are the sad days of dragging yourself up from bed, extricating your arms from your baby’s warm embrace on a warm saturday morning or afternoon (depending on my shift!) just so you can go to work on time. major heartbreak i tell you! a nightmare, i would never dare repeat!

and besides, being a full-time mummy and everything else in between, including an all-around maid, cook (which i am now, thanks to my bro, having a break from!), yaya, laundry washer, amongst others is no easy feat and can really take its toll on one’s energy, mood and enthusiasm. we do get tired too, and much like the rest of you, we needed a break too! and to be able to fully enjoy the weekend breaks, i try (and manage sometimes) to squeeze in all the dirty work during the weekdays just so we can afford a break over the weekend.

and what makes me super excited about the weekends, you ask?

it’s in making weekends something to remember. growing up i would always excitedly wait for the weekend because that is the only time my papa would come home from a week’s work in the city (yep, there is no MRT or LRT yet, to make the shuttle from bulacan to makati a breeze) and have meals with the complete family, not to mention loads of free time off from school. it was sort of like an unwritten rule in the house to never make any appointments or engagements over the weekends so we can just all stay at home all day. weekends are just fun and really something i look forward too. and i would like to hopefully rub some of that on to my son.

i look forward to a long, uninterrupted sleep on a lazy saturday morning wrapped in my baby’s embrace…
or sometimes, i look forward to just watching all our favorite pocoyo episodes, or in this case, the london

symphony harmonic orchestra, on a sunday afternoon.

soundtrippin’ sunday…

some other times even, i look forward to a weekend outing to a theme park

a christmas weekend at enchanted kingdom

or an afternoon of strolling in the mall and going to events + baby sales!

 at the cordlife photobooth, grand baby company fair

or visiting my parents’ grave, or, of late, strolling around the neighborhood on saturday afternoons 

it could really be something fancy one weekend, or something really ordinary the next. and what i really look forward to the most – simply spending time with my son and creating loads of memories of a weekend to remember!

how about you, what makes you excited about the weekend? click here to answer and you might just win you and a friend a P5,000-worth of fun and pamper package.

happy weekend mummies!

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  1. I dont really look forward to weekends that much because we dont get to stroll around more often. We dont have the same leisure places you have there in manila Weekend for me means laundry days. 🙂

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