look who just turned 17 months

time does fly by too quickly when one’s having fun, little did i know, another month went by and my not-so-little-anymore love is turning another month older. he is now officially 17 months beginning sunday last.

this month he:

  • has two new teeth erupting (maybe that’s what’s making him fuzzy and fidgety at night) and is discovering the beauty of oral hygiene and brushing (which i have to make a separate post on). those make his teeth 10 in total.
  • is now 14 kilos heavy
  • has devised this fun play between him and mum, with him hiding behind mum and mum pretending to be looking for him everywhere + then he will pop from behind and erupt into giggles and laughters (really fun stuff, you should try it at home)
  • is loving pasta!
  • walks like a rabid and will roam the entire house in a minute if left alone
  • throws his clogs out the door as if telling mum “let’s go out”
  • enjoys his other new game – going up and down the bed and calling his clueless mum when he is on top of the bed
  • is still babbing endlessly and from the looks of it we will be expecting new words from him soon
  • discovers the joy of eating nuts!
  • is using more and more strange toys for play (to date he’s played with mum’s cds, the plug protectors – which i will write about next, keys, the empty cotton buds bin)
  • will be going to his pedia for his hepa A second shot

happy 17th month son, and here’s to more celebrations and a lifelong journey of  awe, wonder and being-down-on-my-knees-for-having-you-as-a-child moments! mum loves you to bits, from the ends of your curly black hair, down to the tips of your chubby little toes!

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  1. Yey! Happy 17th month birthday, Jared! You are growing up to be a charming little man. If only you were born a little bit earlier, ire-reto na kita sa Maia ko. Hehehehe! God Bless you!

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