music monday: runaway train (Official Music Video) by brandon boyd

you probably have noticed by now how gaga i was over (and still am, only a bit toned down!) brandon boyd, dropping references about him on this humble blog here + there, even posting my letter for him once. he’s actually my inspiration to sort of circumvent the tides in my life + channel negative thoughts + energies to positive ones, and the effect has made a profound change in my life since then. in that i am ever grateful to him.

β€œI’ll make music, whether or not anyone is listening, for the rest of my life. It’s a natural form of expression for me, the same way I draw and write and sing.”

brandon cornelius boyd, frontman/vocals/percussion of my all-time fave band, incubus, was born on february 16, 1976. yes, he celebrated his 35th just a few days back (so this is a sort of belated birthday greeting post☺) and just came out with his solo efforts, the wild trapeze, july of 2010. one of my faves from that album is this song, runaway train (lyrics here). the album, as expected will remind you so much of his band and will make you long for a new incubus album even more. but the boys are currently working on that so hold on to your seats and let us all wait in anticipation.

the would-be inspiration for my son’s name (photo source)

did i tell you i was really bent on naming my son brandon? yep, only his dad opted out of it so i chose another first name to go with jared and came up with his lovely name now. but, i still consider naming my firstborn brandon would’ve been utterly cool, sigh!

this is my entry to this week’s

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  1. This is a good song. I never heard this one before. Thanks for sharing it.
    Happy MM to you!

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