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i must admit being a stay-at-home mum is nowhere near living in a bed of roses. i’ve had my fair share of frustration and the proverbial “bad days” and yes, much like most mums around i fall into the trappings of losing my patience. i’ve probably been grumpy + cranky to my son on several occasions, of which i really felt most guilty of. even if he would most of the time counteract one of my fits with his endearing giggles or dismiss my scolding and resume playing with his bib to his mouth, oblivious of his mum having a nervous  breakdown any moment soon, it would really leave me with a bitter taste in my mouth and a sinking feeling inside, thinking “what a terrible mum i was!”

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i must also confess to having the patience of a mum who’ve just been a mum for 17 months and 18 days (yep, i’ve been counting!) read: patience that is no match to a 17 month’s old’s patience and will easily snap with little agitation like squirming toddler during diaper changing or a baby that won’t budge from the bath tub – that is after too much prodding – after bathtime.

i noticed i was particularly impatient when i lack sleep and when i am understress…
glad i came across these 5 pointers to be a patient mum from kat of inspired to action:

  • sleep 7-8 hours (yep lack of sleep can really be such a bummer)
  • drink 6-8 glasses of water (being hydrated all the time will keep the grumpiness factor to a minimum)
  • be a wall of jello “Be like Jello, absorb their emotions and frustrations, filtering them through prayer. If we can’t respond in LOVE, tell them we need to calm down and postpone response”
  • be all there, don’t multitask! (lots of pressure goes into trying to do everything all at the same time)
  • start 15 minutes early (recently i’ve been doing exactly this, in fact, i’m starting very much early by going online in the wee hours of the morning, that way, i can have loads of work done online before jared wakes up)

kat, actually challenges us to put these 5 pointers into practice + see how we can turn into a patient mum in 24hours, i think i’ll take on the challenge. how about you? for more challenges to inspire you to action and or other inspiring and enlightening tips on motherhood, do drop by inspired to action. you can also download this great e-book to inspire you maximize your mornings:

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