product review: safety first press ‘n pull plug protectors

saw this item from the display rack of the baby’s section in landmark, trinoma while i was shopping for my son’s baby items in january. with my toddler beginning to be curious of his surroundings and starting the habit of approaching and touching a socket whenever he sees one, this will come in handy to prevent accidents in the future. so without a second thought, got one from the shelf and placed it in my shopping basket.
how it works:

  • simply insert the plug protector into unused socket. the plug protector will fit firmly in place
  • to remove button, simply press in on the button + pull out of the socket

my two-cent’s worth:
for Php139.75 for a pack of 25 pieces, i’ll say it’s worth all the money considering the peace of mind this product will give us all mommies. i’ve placed a few on the unused plugs here in our room and on those other sockets visible and reachable by my tot. i’ll say go and grab one for yourselves and save yourself the unnecessary worries. and mind you, it is also an effective reminder to a sister who constantly forgets to unplug her appliances when she left her room *wink*

note: i was not compensated, either monetary or otherwise, in posting this. i am simply doing a product review in the hope of helping other mummies out there in their never-ending quests to find and discover amazing and effective baby products.

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