recording baby milestones with digital voice recorder?

realized how our babies grew up way too fast? in the blink of an eye, it seemed, my little bundle of joy turned from infantile to a toddler and i was wondering where have all the time gone? From being a baby who can do nothing more than consume 2 ounces of milk every 2 hours, shake his head from left to right or giggle much to our heart’s delight, he is now up on his feet, running about and is all over the place that I was having a hard time keeping up. His vocabulary also improved from the occasional whimper to full blown wails, to his first “mama” and now to endless unintelligible babbles I was baffled to decipher and decode, but nevertheless, always bring me a certain surge of joy and delight. He would even sometimes break into a song of his own words + melodies.

It is true, what they usually say, “they will not be babies forever” and we ought to savor each and every moment and opportunity that we have. Now it seemed I was pressed for time to document every little change that occurs, to jot down the list of all his accomplishments in a month, and, if possible, to record every babbling he made.  How I wish I can have a mini voice recorder, the ones with VOR recording (voice operated recording), a long time recording of up to 260 hours (imagine 260 hours of jared’s songs and gibberish and constant pleas of ’mama” – bliss!) and would instantly activate when a sound is present. That way none of jared’s litanies would be left unrecorded. maybe i should check out record your life inc. and see if there is something that fits my meager budget. 
High Quality Voice Recording
or if not, maybe i’ll contend myself with the good old-fashioned way of recording those baby milestones – making imprints + bookmarks in my memories.

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  1. oh how i wish i did that, i only have taken pictures of my kids when they were still small, cellphones and other gadgets are not yet uso at that time hihi

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