saturday 9: margaritaville

1. Tell us about a time that you had way too much Jose Cuervo. it was all those many years ago in my former work, when we were celebrating the company’s anniversary + i had one too many tequilla shots, sans the lemon and/or chaser. i threw up, had a laughing/crying trip and was giving everyone a hug and “i love you”!

2. Do you agree with the following statement: “The older you get, the faster time goes by.”? really depends on my mood, some days i feel like time just flew by, others i’d feel like the day is dragging by, minute by agonizing minute!

3. What do you usually do during your “down time?” play around with my son, read a book, go online + blog or play cafeworld in facebook!

4. When it comes to the opposite sex, do you feel you have a grasp on ’em – or do they continue to just surprise you? i’d say i have quite a firm grasp on them.

5. What is your home town famous for? pastillas (native delicacy made from carabaos milk) + inipit (a very delicious pastry)

6. How many romantic relationships have you had? none before daddy + an imaginary fairytale-romance with brandon boyd (lol!)

7. What’s the best concert that you’ve ever been to? the first incubus manila concert, march 2004

8. Which famous person would you like to meet? Why? apart from brandon boyd (whom i have a mild addiction to, you should’ve guessed by now) oprah probably, she is simply fascinating!

9. Has a newspaper or television reporter ever interviewed you? If so, what were the circumstances and what did you think when you read or saw what you said? sadly, i don’t think anyone find me that interesting:)

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