skin care 101

this is my limited yet simple + effective skin care arsenal:
  1. eau thermale avene creme – i develop this skin allergy, dry, flaky, reddish + itchy spot on my chin december of 2008 right before i found out i was pregnant. it was like i’ve grown a red beard all of a sudden, very unsightly if you would ask me, not to mention uncomfortable.i was treating it with anti-fungal topical cream but had to stop in fear of the side effects it might have on my pregnancy. i went to the derma last year and found out that this skin irritation was due to my bad habit of always rubbing my lips together and brushing it with my tongue every so often. she said our saliva is acidic and is causing the skin condition i was having. she prescribed this skin recovery cream from france + have been using it from then on. 
  2. human ♥ nature hand + foot salve – my hands + feet are always dry. being a mum to a toddler, my hands are always wet due to constant washing of feeding bottles, doing baby laundry, bathing the baby and a host of other water-related activities that motherhood entails. as i was a mum too, whenever i go out with my son i make sure i was in my most comfortable foot gear, that’s why i always go about it my flip flops to prevent those nasty foot ache + callouses. thus, having read about this product from smart parenting mag was a godsend. i  went out to buy a tub so i can try it (will write a separate post on it). i was meaning to buy the strawberry variant but when i got to the store they only had the banana/carrot/bee propolis variant. i bought it anyway + i must say it is pretty effective + smells good too.
  3. clean + clear oil-free moisturizer – when i got pregnant i was too wary of the side effects cosmetic products might have on my baby so i literally stopped using anything on my face, except for this one. i use it to prevent my facial skin drying + as a skin protection from uv rays whenever i go out.
  4. victoria secret’s garden honey suckle belle lotion – i use this luscious body lotion after i take a bath + before i went to bed to prevent further skin drying. love its sweet smell as well.
  5. lastly, nothing really beats good hygiene, even if you put a concoction of cosmetics on your face but is not clean enough + healthy enough, it will show on your skin, so to keep mine as healthy as it can be, i drink loads of water, wash it twice a day (in the morning + at night before i turn in) and munch on those greens + veggies.

so, what are your skin care regimen? if you have an answer, post it + join:

and you can be a proud winner of any of the following lovely prizes:

1 winner gets a beautiful Avon necklace
1 winner gets a Php.1,000 YGC gift certificate (beauty certificate)
1 winner gets a Php. 500.00 Bayo Certificate

view the contest page for details + more info. this contest runs till March 15. winners to be drawn via

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