this is how i chose to be loud

i can make my presence known by announcing my arrival in style
i can get anyone’s attention by screaming my lungs out,
i can make my voice be heard if i talk three decibels louder than i normally do
i can be loud and proud if i really want to
as a matter of fact…
but there is just way too many noise around already,
and we can really use a break from it all,
and i am a believer of beauty in simplicity
so i chose to be loud in my simple pleasures that meant the world..
i chose to be heard in my simple words which i meant, coming from my heart of hearts..
i chose to be loud in genuine caring for genuine friends
i chose to be loud by holding my son’s stubby fingers firmly yet gently,
i chose to be loud by simply being me….
i chose to be loud in my comfortable silence…

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