weekend blog follower caravan 07

i missed joining last week’s edition, mainly because i have no twitter account and following other mummies who joined would be next to impossible without it. so, i was very much delighted to learn that mommy rubz decided to revert back to gfc following.

if you are a new follower, muchas gracias!i’ve recently hit my 1st 100 followers + counting, so way to go! rest assured that i will be heading your blog next to return the favor, apologies though if i was not able to do it promptly, i know i am knee-deep in my backlogs what with other memes but i am working on it.

if you haven’t join us yet, now is the best time to do so…head on to the pmb headquarter’s for detailed rules of the games + information on how to link up!

happy caravanning!

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  1. Been here from WBFC. Followed your blog already. I will appreciate it a lot if you can visit me and follow me back!!!

    Thanks God Bless

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