whatta wonderful week!

we spent the week mostly at home and going out on those early afternoon stroll around the neighborhood which never ends without stopping by to visit a neighbor’s monkey (which i will photograph soon)! jared loves going out to take a walk especially when he’s been cooped up in the room for longer periods of time.

a daily morning scene:
mommy(talking to jared who’s hanging out by the door, raring to go out anytime an opportunity opens): baby you can’t go out of the house without your slippers, ok?
jared: (makes a beeline for the shoe rack, grabs his pair of clogs by either hands and goes out, barefoot, anyway)

my not-so-little-anymore baby is growing much each single day, with his personality manifesting in every possible opportunity..he now enjoys playtime with cousins sean + shane and never fails to giggle whenever anyone around tickles him or plays peek-a-boo with him. he also rediscovered his passion for pocoyo (maybe triggered by his recent close encounter) and would spend hours in front of the desktop ogling at his blue baby favorite and his wacky friends. he would also grab anything in the room and will find ways to play and have fun with it (the latest being the plug protectors i bought a couple of weeks back – he would ask mum to open it and he will scatter it delightedly all over the room!). books and magazines are also frequent victims!
mid-week, we went to visit my parents’ grave, it was my mama’s 4th death anniversary. we brought a dozen white roses and lit some candles and spent the afternoon there. jared saw this as another opportunity to practice his walking-running-striding skills. he roamed around the memorial park whole afternoon, i just let him since it is safer here, with loads of wide open space and nothing to bump into, plus the grass on the grounds will most likely cushion his fall from bumps, bruise + scrapes (he happens to fall a few times over, which he overcomes by quickly getting up to his feet again and resuming his expeditions!)
the same day happens to be my sis bel’s birthday too. she turns 30 that day! and since she cannot celebrate with us, being away for work, we had an ice cream party when she arrived on saturday.
and on sunday, it was another trip to the city for me and jared as we attended the parentin.tv’s i love my family event at the podium (i will post on this in details later). i met with friend vance and her family. some members of PMB were also there, but i just managed to have a short chitchat with mommy joy (who happens to be celebrating her blogversary with a party this february – i will make a separate post about this). all in all it was an afternoon of educating and enlightening talks, fun, food, entertainment and freebies, it was the first time i joined a parentin.tv event and it is a worthwhile experience, something i will be doing again for sure. 
and to cap the week with a happy note, i even got a new book for free, a copy of dan brown’s latest novel, the lost symbol, thanks so much for your generosity vance. i can’t wait to read it! it sure will be as heart-stopping as it’s predecessors and i simply missed robert langdon, so i’ll brace myself for the ride!
so goes my wonderful weekend, care to share yours? do click the badge join and for more information..
looking forward to another wonderful week ahead:)

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  1. Whew! That was some weekend! Really busy.

    It's good to know and see how Jared is developing. Kakatuwa ano? 🙂

  2. What a week really!!! Lots of exposure for Jared & I think he's doing good. And you're doing great with him too…

  3. sarap naman, laging may bonding with your little boy every morning. I enjoy those moments, too. i was supposed to attend the parentin.tv kaya lang may lakad si hubby at late na kung pupunta pa kami sa podium. hope to see you sa april na lang 🙂

    thanks for joining this week! 🙂

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