a mum with two blogs + a baby!

sure this mummy has her hands full…
imagine a one-and-a-half year old baby that demands undivided attention 24/7? add a dozen or so feeding bottles to be washed and sterilized every single day, a pile of soiled cloth diapers and tiny pj’s, shirts and shorts in the laundry basket that needed attention once or twice a week, a room chock full of toys and baby stuffs in topsy turvy which has to be tidied up several times daily, and a hosts of other home-related chores + errands into the equation – equals a restless mum who’s badly in need of some me-time for a well-deserved rest + relaxation.

and as if that is not enough… 
this mummy – in a desperate mission to find another creative yet convenient and i daresay, inexpensive, avenue, that’s besides tinkering on her baby’s stuffs + or ogling at her sleeping baby while he takes a nap, to pass what little free time she has away – stumbled upon blogger, one fine day, + was smitten as if being caught by a plague, and started filling her humble blog with random musings, typical outburst + nonsense chatters..

and to cut to the chase, this mummy is now a proud owner of another blog in another platform + ponders on how having a blog is much like havin’ a baby, here are her s-a-h-m’s thoughts:

  • much like feeding a baby, you have to fill you blogs with amusing anecdotes, inspiring stories, latest news if you’re interested and other worthwhile entries to encourage readers + followers to keep coming back, thereby building your blogs lifeline
  • akin to teaching your baby the basics on communication to pave the way for effective social skills for later life, you join clubs, follow other blogs, leave comments to others’ posts + join a host of blog hops + memes to build up you blog’s networking and links
  • much like bathing your baby every single day or sometimes even twice in a day, schedule a regular cleanup of your dashboard, approve every pending comments + make sure you answer every single one (or in this mummy’s case, comment back to the commentators’ blog) + update your sidebar every so often
  • and as if changing your baby’s diapers + disposing of it properly, making sure spam on your blog is exactly where they’re suppose to be, at the spam folder + to trash later (just don’t forget to give a quick review of the folder before you click delete as some legit comments also end up here every once in a while)

as she continues to have her hands doubly filled…
tending to her babies and her blogs, and, to make a happy note, with her online adventure slowly picking up momentum with the recent addition of “article writing” into her much-needed-to-be-updated online cv, this mum, more than ever, needed the most reliable partner she can ever get to make her digital life a breeze, and is only delighted to note that she’s found an able partner in her personal broadband connection, check out her reasons why she needed a consistent surf speed and a very stable signal:

  • downloading + watching jared’s favorite pocoyo episodes
  • scouring the net for useful information, tips + news on parenting, child health + education
  • since time to go out alone rarely come by, much less, going out on dates + movies, she catches up on her friends thru social networking sites, emails + ym, she also looks out for the latest hollywood films to download and watch online
  • she does research for her article writing assignments
  • she needs to be up to date with the latest music news + download
  • she has article writing deadlines to meet
  • aspires to continue earning online so she can continue to stay at home and care for her baby, so she is always on the look out for online work opportunities
  • she has to make the most of what meager budget she sets aside for her passion – reading – and is always on an e-bay hunt for the next second-hand mitch albom, or paulo coelho, or sophie kinsella book available for bidding or purchase

now if only smartbro came up with this promo a year ago when this mum applied for her unlimited home broadband plan 999, she would’ve availed of exciting freebies like an all-in-one hp printer, a free call + texts with smart gold lite plan 300 for 6 months subscription, and a month free broadband subscription! she would’ve grabbed the chance to avail of the promo this year as it may not happen again, but the promo is only up until the 4th of june 2011 + she doesn’t need to renew until february of next year! maybe you can avail of it + get luckier!

meanwhile, this mum will pass the time blog hopping + tending to her online babies as the real one soundly sleeps.

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  1. mommy vix! very well said…and don't fret, you are not alone!!! hehehe… i have three blogs and still planning to add more, but not for now… just thinking…

  2. mommy vix! very well said…and don't fret, you are not alone!!! hehehe… i have three blogs and still planning to add more, but not for now… just thinking…

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