baby’s day out

finally, after way too much delay, we were able to go to activefun and have a day of fun + play. i purchased a voucher from ensogo for half the price in january and i was surprised when i found out that it was for unlimited playtime, so it really was every cent’s worth! i only need to pay additional Php50 (since we went on a friday) + Php125 for an adult entry (of course, i need to accompany jared while he plays, daddy looks on the sideline and act as our photographer). after putting my socks on (everyone who enters the play area needs to wear one, you know for hygienic purposes), off we go to infinite playtime.


jared walked and walked, and walked some more, exploring every nook + cranny of this children wonderland. we climbed the stairs and ladder, we played on the slides, we went on a jaunt at the trampoline and sat with gazillion little balls. we also played with this giant wall piano which my baby utterly enjoyed.

we played for solid two hours, and the little man is simply unstoppable + seemed to never ran out of energy. we navigated the play are a second and a third time, then sat beside the giant octopus chair to rest + rehydrate and took some photos then we were off again.

i realized how much i was in bad shaped when i started panting + catching my breath while i run after my little tot, gees, i guess i really need to get back in shape…

all in all, it was another fun-filled day for us + i must commend the activefun crew for being friendly + accomodating.

how about you, where have you + your tot played lately?

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