diarrhea woes

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my son has been passing very soft, and sometimes watery, stool since saturday last. he would also do it twice or three times a day, much to my worries. apart from giving him uncomfortable feeling or stomach upset perhaps, i am worried his diaper area will get rashes + get irritated due to frequent washing + diaper changing too! 
at first, i thought it was due to his medicine (see he recently suffered from colds + had to take some medication, including an antihistamine since his pedia is suspecting his colds is due to allergies) so no cause to worry really + i am just being my normal mommy mode. but then several days passed with no improvement + the other day he went three times. now for someone who’s been eating a lot in a day, it would probably be normal + i can easily dismiss it, but my son rarely eats his solids but would consume 7 ounce of milk every 2 hours or so.
yesterday i sent a text to his pedia raising my concerns + she acquiesced to have my son stool examined just so we know what the real problem is. observing my son, i don’t think he is anyway near to being dehydrated, his bowel movements aren’t accompanied by fever or vomiting either so that also rules out viral or bacterial infections.
we will have his stool checked later, i only hope it turned out negative. i hope this is only due to jared’s habit of putting everything he sees in his mouth + nothing more. please pray for us, thanks.

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  1. Oh my! Get well soon Jared! Baka sa teething niya yun mommy vix, yung little boy ko ganyan din, how does his stool look? very watery ba talaga? Just keep him hydrated always,give hydrate,pedialtye,oresol or anything na pang haydrate, gatorade works too! Hope everything will turn out fine! God bless


  2. Oh, poor baby Jared. It's really hard when a babies are not feeling well, for they are not able to communicate what they're feeling. I hope that he gets well soon! 🙁

  3. oh so sorry to here this … hope he get well very soon… and i will include this in my prayers…
    don't worry i'm sure the result will turn out negative to diarrhea
    God bless my friend!!

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