friday fill-ins 2011.10

1. Oh gross! I thought it was just a tiny burn cause i brushed the burning pot with my arm while sterilizing my son’s feeding bottles, but no! it has to be huge, hope it won’t leave an ugly scar though!

2. Smoking is definitely a no, no, will not try it for the life of me, well THAT’s off my bucket list!

3. No, please, no more earthquakes for this year.

4. Motherhood is the core of my heart and soul.

5. And then sleep seems to call me from a distance imploring me to close my eyes .

6. I can’t forget the video of the earthquake + tsunami that hit japan earlier yesterday that i saw.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to turning in early with my baby love, tomorrow my plans include doing my week-old laundry (lame right?) and hopefully going out with jared and Sunday, I want to spend the day relaxing + lazying around!

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