music monday: handog ng pilipino sa mundo – various opm artists

in recent celebration of the 25th anniversary of the 1986 EDSA Revolution, i would like to share a song that has been a battle cry of the Filipinos during those times. this song chronicled the ordeal the filipinos went through during the dictatorship + expressed their joy and jubilation in marshalling a peaceful revolution that put our country in history and ultimately gave us back our freedom by overthrowing the regime. it is one of the many good reasons for us to be proud that we are pinoys + is something amazing to share to the rest of the world! and democracy is but another wonderful heritage we can leave to our children.

this was written in our native tongue, but i always believed that music has this uncanny power that transcends even language barrier since it touches all the way to our hearts + souls…

my entry (albeit belatedly) to this week’s

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  1. i know that song 🙂
    the MAPE teacher in my kid's school taught them how to sing it, and relayed to them its relevance. i felt glad when i heard my son singing it while taking a bath.

    visiting you here from

  2. wow, it is nice to know that kids nowadays are learning this song. it is one of the most important song in our nation's history!kudos to your kids, mommy joy + thanks for stopping by:)

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