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i totally wanted to preserve all of my son’s firsts + all the memories we have of his childhood, hence the one too many photos of him stashed up in the recesses of this desktotp. i’ve already finished one entire photo album (with lots of help by sis, cel) + begun working on a new one (which jared received as a gift for his first birthday) but didn’t get around to printing all the photos that i was not able to finish the album up to now.
one of my goals this year is to finish compiling my baby’s photos + when i heard that artscow is having a promo for free picture books in february, i immediately signed up + quickly embarked on a photobook designing adventure. i’ve heard a lot about this site from mommy blogs around,so i thought i’d give it a try.
i commissioned by brother ken to help me (am such a dummy at these photo editors, it would probably take me months to finish an entire album) + he rose to the occasion by providing me with these lovely page layouts! here are a few sample:

the first one was a photo of myself + jared with jollibee + my friends, ate maan + jared’s ninangs: chris + niz. the second one is with my college friends: ninang jackie + meia, with jhapon + sharon (with her baby, pat).

this page features a snapshot of the party place, kids having face + hand paintings + the guests.

i was delighted with the outcome of my photobook, when i finished doing the finishing touches (put captions into pictures) in their photo editor, i immediately placed my order + hoped to receive my photobook in the mail the soonest.
so, mummies tell me about your artscow experience, do send it to me here.

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