whatta wonderful week 08: baby’s day out

last week (march 14-20) went by like a breeze, i barely had the time to breathe deeply to clear my lungs + seven days are gone in a heartbeat.

what made last week wonderful? apart from my son’s bowel movement returning to normal (here’s my post about it). we spent most of the day cooped up at home (whilst i try to finish most of the chores earlier) then  jared + i can go out for a stroll in the late afternoons when the sun is no longer ablaze.

by mid-week, jared, jared’s dad + mum trooped to sm city baliuag (right after we stopped by a hospital to have jared’s feces exained) for a late afternoon baby’s day out. it was the first time we all went there together (the last time mum + jared were there was when jared was still such a tiny baby), we explore the shops, discovering some window shopping potentials, swing by the department store + bought these lot for the little man:

been wanting to get one of this for jared since last december
huge bubbles!!!
a rumblin’ tow truck 🙂

and went to the groceries afterwards + bought milk for jared, among other stuffs. mum also got to sample this delicious hotdog sandwich in the foodcourt, while jared + his dad clowned around after eating.  we saw this huge statue of pooh + his gang, unfortunately i failed to take photos but promised to do so, the next time we stopped by.

the rest of the week was mostly spent at home, doing stuffs online, finishing all of my writing task for the week, posting some articles on my blogs + watching some more of the movie up, despicable me + a lot of pocoyo episodes too.

i’ve been limiting jared’s viewing time to an hour at least or two hours maximum, so we have a lot of time for play + offline fun, which we mostly spend playing with his new toys + blowing those ginormous bubbles (much to my son’s delight). hopefully we can sustain this, am aiming for a tv-free childhood for my son + thinking of painting + arts ‘n crafts, playing soccer, going to the park, amongst others to form his first-few-years-of-life-memories. wish us luck 😉

our week was swell, how about yours?

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