yet another wonderful week?

i was late, yet again, in posting this week’s entry to this blog meme, why? whatever recollection of how wonderful last week was is marred by the jarring memory of the tragedy that struck japan last friday + i was at some point questioning whether it was a wonderful week indeed, so here i was doing an online note, + convincing myself at the same time, that though it had been horrific + disastrous at best, we are still left with a few, little reasons to celebrate the week that was….

  • it was still quite a wonderful week, even if my son is having a problem with his bowel movements, i am thankful that he doesn’t have fever or is down with some other kind of sickness
  • that even if we’ve never gone out much recently, we still enjoy life’s little pleasures like having our stroll in the afternoon or early in the morning round the neighborhood
  • that even though i sometimes worry about my son having speech delays or whatnot, there really is no cause to worry, my son is as talkative as the next child, the only problem i have is to decode much of his gibberish speech. i patiently await the next intelligible word he will utter
  • that even though we continuously pray for our distraught japanese brothers, it is also worthy of mention that we are indeed lucky to be spared from such colossal catastrophe

i leave you with this touching photo of a 9 year old boy, toshihito aisawa, holding up signs + looking for his parents, cousin + grandmother in an evacuation center in ishinomaki, miyage prefecture:

*update: glad to know that this boy is reunited with one of his cousins, read story here

my uber late entry to last week’s whatta wonderful week.

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