friday fill-ins 2011.15

1. I love to walk with bare feet on hot white sands.

2. I have a foolproof way of chasing stress away, I break into a song and a smile.

3. It’s how you play the game that matters more that winning the game.

4. I’d rather hear the truth than deal with the agony of the depth of the things you don’t tell me!

5. Well, would you be kind enough to give this poor mum a break she deserves.

6. Too bad we do not celebrate spring here, too much for spring peepers.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to reading this new paperback i recently bought, tomorrow my plans include going to the groceries with my son and Sunday, I want to visit my parents graves!

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mommy moments: black or white?

this week, we are to post black and white photos of our babies, but alas, i didn’t find any since jared doesn’t have that much black stuffs (save for the black shorts we bought him some weeks ago) so i needed to improvise. 
check out my handy work, it’s the first time i used gimp (thanks to sis kaye for the idea) + for a novice like me, i’d say it’s much easier to use compared to photoshop. this is also my first attempt at including watermarks in my photo, kinda blah if you ask me, but i’ll try to learn more about it + hopefully be able to add on a little watermark for all our photos here (wish me luck 😉 )
about the photos:
the first one is taken a few weeks before jared’s 1st birthday. we stopped by a local studio, topico, to have his very first pro pictorial taken. for a beginner, i’d say my son aced it with flying colors. only, we forgot to post with our son too, for a quick, professional family portrait! too bad, but i have that on my list + hopefully i’ll be able to tick it off soon.
the second photo was taken inside jared’s dad’s car 10 days before his first birthday, we went to my old office that day to give out invites to jared’s ninangs (godmothers) and my closest friends. one of her ninangs, chris, edited this photo to make it into the cross-stitchy texture + i just edited the color in gimp to change in into black + white. 
more black + white moments here

mommy moments

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jared’s fave: this is home by switchfoot


i enjoy watching this video over + over again, especially the part where aslan, the lion, will show up!i definitely love him + delights in watching him,i guess mum is delighted too, since she can go about her tasks, washing my feeding bottles most of the time, uninterrupted, well save for the time when she had to rush to the room when i called so she can press the replay button 🙂
hmm, maybe i can ask mum to download the entire film so we can watch it together, but my tita said it’s quite advanced for my age, what with all the action and fight scenes. oh, well, maybe when am a little older.
apart from this one, i also watch barney episodes and cartoons to pass the time. so what videos do you enjoy watching lately?
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happy easter!

here’s hoping you had a meaningful observation of the lenten season..
happy easter everyone! what activities do you have lined up for today? My mum + i will be going to the mall later to join in with some easter festivities. whatever you have planned, bear in mind that easter is a joyful event that each baby ought to share with his mum + dad + the rest of his family! it was a day to commemorate + celebrate jesus + his kindness + selfishness.
happy easter + here’s to one memorable celebration! see yah later!
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where-to weekend: eggs-plore easter at fun ranch on april 24 + more!

on easter sunday , you might want to check out these exciting activities with your mum + dad:
1. eggs-plore easter at fun ranch


  • fun ranch – ortigas (3-6pm)
  • fun ranch – alabang (2-5pm)

what’s in store for you: 

  • a P450 admission per child inclusive of a ride-all-you-can wristbands, egg hunt activities, loot bag + snacks
  • a P250 for adults inclusive of snacks

where to keep in touch:

  • for inquiries, call  (02) 706-3029 (ortigas branch) or (02) 836-9387 (alabang branch)
  • you can also visit their site, multiply site or their page on facebook.

2. pirate’s easter – sm city pampanga

  • registration ends today at 8pm, at the main atrium
  • walk-in registration for tomorrow is only between 10am-2pm
  • a P500 worth of purchase from sm city pampanga (either single or accumulated) + a P100 registration fee

what’s in store for you:

  • kids get to experience a breath-taking egg hunting in a shipwreck
  • those who registered + come in their most creative bunny costumes gets to win exciting prizes
  • enjoy other fun activities such as: easter photo booth, bubble show and a grand mascot parade

where to keep in touch:

mum + i will most likely be going to pampanga since it’s nearest, was not able to register but we will just walk in there tomorrow, hopefully i’d feel much better by that time + that it won’t be so hot to make traveling much enjoyable + less of a pain.

where will you be spending your easter? anyway, off to my afternoon nap, see you later 😉

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