friday fill-ins 2011.16

1. Pardon me, i have been silent in this corner for quite some time.

2. Buying 2 items for the price of one is always good deal.

3. I was surprised to find that I really like being busy, tiring + all, but I kinda like it.

4. Reading paperbacks is one of my favorite forms of entertainment.

5. Hi, my name is vix and I’m jared’s mum.

6. I always crave for halo-halo (that’s a local dessert with loads of mixed yummies!) on hot and humid summer afternoons.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to finishing all my blogging back-logs, tomorrow my plans include setting up the inflatable pool finally and Sunday, I want to chill, relax + take it easy!

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  1. This is one random post. 🙂

    buy one take one is really the best!
    moms are always busy. but you should also take a break once in a while.
    HALO-HALO. Speaking of, I think I am craving now haha but it’s raining. lol.
    wow an inflatable pool. Jared would love that 🙂

  2. you’re really a great mom.. this fill in every friday is like updating us what you’ve been busy of.. right? nice..^_^

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