lookie am 19 months!

i turned 19 months old 2 wednesdays ago, boy i was growing way too fast + there is no stopping it! the last time mum checked i’ve gained a few more pounds + now weighs at 15 kilos (thus the need to change my dappies from xl to xxl, which is still a tad bigger for me but it will do, since the xl ones are too tight + it doesn’t have enough room for my bulging tummy!

and as mum have written on her post last week, i finally learned how to kiss + boy was mum so thrilled to get her very first kiss from me + i bet she is looking to more,  she’s  making me get used to the habit of kissing her first thing in the morning, sure brightens up her day all the time 😉

here are my 19-months old photos:

look how i’ve grown!
mum taking a shot of my 19-month old foot:)

a few months from now, i will be celebrating my 2nd birthday, my mum said i am not-so-much-a-baby anymore, i’m slowly turning into a lively, playful tot, much to the delight of my folks!

glad you stopped by my corner, will be telling you next about my latest pedia visit + more updates from my mum later. do watch out for our very first giveaway too! see yah!


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