weekend blog follower caravan 10

glad to know that weeekend blog follower caravan is back after several weeks’ worth of hiatus, am joining again with this corner + is so excited!
if you are new in this site, welcome + i hope you enjoy what little time you spend browsing through our simple lives + daily misadventures in this little corner. i love reading comments (+ yes, i do try the hardest to respond to all of them, either thru here, or by going to their respective sites) so i do hope you leave some for me to read + moderate, + if it wasn’t too much, my google friend connect widget is just somewhere there in my sidebar + do give this mum a favor by following. i will be sure to follow + stalk you back (no, that isn’t a threat, so don’t be scared ;))
wbfc is a weekly blogger-helping-other-bloggers weekly meme design for bloggers to help out each other gain blog followers, either thru google friend connect or e-mail subscription. 
more caravan entries? just click on the badge + enjoy!
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happy earth day!

it is not only good friday, but we are also celebrating earth day today!of course, most of our mums are very much concerned about the earth since, their children will inherit it one day. i am glad to know that our mums are taking part, in whatever way they can, to help save + make mommy earth a better place for us to live in! 
don’t you just love your mum? i do 😉
so what activities do you have lined-up for today? in my case, i think i’ll just play a bit more, explore my newly-found favorite pringles later (when mum allows me, that is!), watch some tv with the grown-ups + take loads + loads of rest, as i have been nursing this colds/cough/asthma since last saturday. am getting better, but i really hate this new machine dad bought, mum said it’s called nebulizer, kinda complicated for my little mind, really, but according to mum you put in my meds, called nebules into the apparatus, which in turn, do something with it (with that annoying sound that i really don’t like, i’d wake up with so much as a twitch from it!) and turn in into fumes which i have to inhale to make me feel better + to declog my nose of mucus and what-have-yous! making me inhale the thing is one painful process, cause i simply won’t maybe because i am intimidated by the machine that it stresses me with the mere site of it, + i just won’t give in without a fight. now, just to let you know, it wasn’t just me being stubborn and all, it was more of fear of the thing, i guess! 
hopefully the fumes will go away soon, or that i won’t wake up the moment mum puts the thing near my mouth so i can inhale it while i sleep. i can really do without the constant running of my nose or the persistent mucus blocking my throat. 
that’s about it for now, mum still has to post on a lot of other things here + maybe she will when she finds the time (she’s constantly busy lately, washing all the stuffs i’ve thrown up on + constantly tinkering on the computer whenever she finds the time) so i hope you hang in there. i also hope she can update a photo of this nebulizer so you’ll know exactly how it looks like + that mum will be able to post our very first giveaway come easter! keeping my little, stubby fingers crossed then 😉
in the meantime, i leave you with these steps on how to make non-toxic finger paint, mum found it earlier whilst she’s working on her articles this morning. she’s planned to make some of these in a while so we can make lovely finger paints + so i can practice using my hands. if am well, maybe mum will cook up some of these, for now, go ask your mum to prepare one for you!
eco tip 01: eco-friendly finger paint
  • what you’ll need:
  • 3 tablespoons of sugar
  • 1/2 a cup of cornstach
  • 1/2 teaspoon of salt
  • 2 cups of cold water, and
  • food coloring or natural dyes of your choice of shades
  • how you’ll do it: 
  • in a medium pan, combine all the ingredients, except the coloring
  • cook for about 10 minutes over low heat, stirring constantly
  • remove from fire and allow to cool
  • place into separate containers 
  • add in your coloring

Enjoy + do share your finger paints with us when you’re done with it, right?

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mommy moments: a kaleidoscope of colors

for this week’s mommy moments, we are to post about rainbows of colors + here’s my entry, jared in a sea of a gazillion balls in different, vibrant colors.  this was taken october of last year, during a mummy blogger’s event at activefun in sm city – north edsa. i was attending the event whilst my little boy + his dad explored the play area, together with my friend, chris (jared’s godmother).

here’s an almost the same shot taken earlier this year, when we went back to activefun. only this time, jared is too busy playing around, he is bigger + more active now + it’s harder to take a decent shot. but i have no complaints, i know my son had a grand time playing there.

got any colorful photo you’d like to share? join us and check out more colorful mommy moments here  
mommy moments

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friday fill-ins 2011.16

1. Pardon me, i have been silent in this corner for quite some time.

2. Buying 2 items for the price of one is always good deal.

3. I was surprised to find that I really like being busy, tiring + all, but I kinda like it.

4. Reading paperbacks is one of my favorite forms of entertainment.

5. Hi, my name is vix and I’m jared’s mum.

6. I always crave for halo-halo (that’s a local dessert with loads of mixed yummies!) on hot and humid summer afternoons.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to finishing all my blogging back-logs, tomorrow my plans include setting up the inflatable pool finally and Sunday, I want to chill, relax + take it easy!

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mommy moments: birthday photos

jared blowing his birthday cake as mum, dad + jollibee looked on

with mum + with tita cel
a taste of his birthday spaghetti, his banner + giveaways

here are a few of my son’s first birthday photos. i had my bro, ken, design this layout for a photobook i ordered from artscow a some months back (i made a separate post about it here). 
i wanted my son’s birthday to be simple yet very memorable, it was his very first in the first place + i was very excited preparing for it. we had a simple celebration in a jollibee branch nearby. we invited my closest friends, jared’s god parents (some were not able to come since we live in a far off place) and some family friends + neighbors. we had games for both kids + adults + everyone had lots of fun. all the hard work + the penny spent paid off, especially when i saw my son’s reaction to the jollibee mascot – priceless!
am looking forward to my son’s 2nd birthday several months from now…

mommy moments

this is my late entry to this week’s

click on the badge for more birthday photos. happy weekend everyone!

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