friday fill-ins 2011.15

and…here we go!

1. For me, it was a simple gesture from someone to make another person feel so much special that goes a long way.

2. i’d love to check out some delicious ripe mangoes at my local supermarket.

3. Behind the sound of the wind in the trees, I heard the trees giggle with delight as the leaves gently brush their barks.

4. Learning how to swim is something I always wanted to do.

5. When it was over, you look back with a sigh on bittersweet memories, but never with regret.

6. I was left alone for hours on end at home with my son, but I never felt alone.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to hopefully catching up on a lot of my blogging back-logs, tomorrow my plans include going to the bloggers fest (which turned out to be another unaccomplished plan and Sunday, I want to just relax + stay at home with my son!

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my birthday photobook arrives

here’s me, figuring out a way to open my parcel
last week, mum picked up my 1st birthday photo book from the post office. this is the one she ordered from artscow about a month ago. the photo book contained all the lovely pictures we had during my very first birthday. my tito ken made a great layout + arranged the photos there too. very nice, i must say, + am not being biased here. so you’ll believe me, here are some photos mum took of my very first photo book:
my very first photo book
a photo of me blowing me birthday cake
a photo with mum + tita cel
i think mum is having loads of fun with this photo book that she plans to order more. let’s just see what other creative ideas she + tito ken might come up the next time she get another photobook. 
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lookie am 19 months!

i turned 19 months old 2 wednesdays ago, boy i was growing way too fast + there is no stopping it! the last time mum checked i’ve gained a few more pounds + now weighs at 15 kilos (thus the need to change my dappies from xl to xxl, which is still a tad bigger for me but it will do, since the xl ones are too tight + it doesn’t have enough room for my bulging tummy!

and as mum have written on her post last week, i finally learned how to kiss + boy was mum so thrilled to get her very first kiss from me + i bet she is looking to more,  she’s  making me get used to the habit of kissing her first thing in the morning, sure brightens up her day all the time 😉

here are my 19-months old photos:

look how i’ve grown!
mum taking a shot of my 19-month old foot:)

a few months from now, i will be celebrating my 2nd birthday, my mum said i am not-so-much-a-baby anymore, i’m slowly turning into a lively, playful tot, much to the delight of my folks!

glad you stopped by my corner, will be telling you next about my latest pedia visit + more updates from my mum later. do watch out for our very first giveaway too! see yah!


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jared’s favorite things: elmo’s vid with

yesterday morning, when i woke up, i saw mum watching this video (she saw it, whilst visiting another mum blog, from a mommy’s sweet blog design). it was an instant favorite, i listened to it over + over + over yesterday + doing some more today. i definitely love elmo + thought you like him too, so i must share this (i’ll ask mum to search for lyrics online so we can sang along to it even better):


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where-to weekend: world book + copyright day on 15 april


on friday, 15 april, mum + i will be heading to up-ayala technohub for the world book + copyrights day 2011! it will be our first time to attend such event, i guess being both book lovers that we are, mum + i are both excited to go. i have not been out to events much lately, see, so i am more that delighted that mum decided to go to this one. plus, i’d love to join the kids’ workshop on the step-by-step stages of illustrating for storybooks, let’s just see if they’d welcome a tot like me! that really sounds interesting. 
am sure mum will also tag me along so we can listen to the talk about chick lit + pinoy romance fiction (i heard her favorite phr author will be there). plus, i guess she would also love to check out the seminar on copyrighting, publishing on the web, + food + travel blogging.  there will also be other fun activities + a book fair. hmm, maybe i can ask mum to get me one of those adarna board books, the one she brought home 2 weeks ago (i’d ask mum to take a photo so we can post it here). i enjoy reading it + i’d love to have another one. 
so if you’re free come friday, don’t forget to head on to qc for a day of books + activities. see you all there! + don’t forget to visit their site for more details, right?



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