mommy moments: your congratulations!

mommy moments 
for this week’s topic, am sure i will be seeing a parade of cute, little boys + girls in their white toga + congratulations are really in order! kudos to all the mums with kiddos graduating + moving up a grade higher this year! way to go! i particularly would like to congratulate my nephew, sean, for graduating with honors from his nursery class. 
well, for mums of tots like me, we still have quite a few years to go before we can attend any of these momentous celebrations, but we couldn’t be hard-up on stuffs worthy of your congratulations even with our smaller children. 
just last week, my little man finally learned how to kiss. yep, he is now falling into the habit of planting a wet kiss on mum’s lips + i am totally liking it! i also enjoyed the idea that he doesn’t seem too keen on kissing anyone else apart from mum + elmo! yay! so whenever i need i quick pick-me-up, i’ll just ask for my baby’s kiss + everything will be all rosy again! now my next mission is to catch the act on cam!
another cause for our celebration is my son’s turning a month older! he is officially 19 months old since last wednesday! a 16-kilo 19-month old + still growing. a few more months to go + the little guy will be turning two, ooh, how time flies! (i’ve been saying that phrase a lot lately!).
here are photos of jared, clowning around in his playpen:
love that beautiful smile, baby!
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marching + moving on

goodbye scorchy month of march + school graduations; hello to the breezy, summer month of april. wow, we must have been having lots of fun that we barely noticed that almost 1/3 of the year is almost finished. summer has officially started for mums with schooling tots! loads of activities lined up? I bet, so you can make the most of the children’s summer vacation. 
We haven’t been out much last month + i intend to make it up this time. a family summer outing is in the works (we’re still contemplating between the beach or a resort just around our province). I also have yet to set-up the inflatable pool we’ve bought for jared a few week’s back + am excited to see the little man having a grand time splashing in the water! 
I also have some just-mummy (or i may end up tagging the baby along) activities lined up + that ought to give me my much-needed break from the household chores + other stuffs. here’s what’s on my itenerary:
  • going to sm megamall for the pmc grand eyeball on sunday
  • attending mommypower in dusit thani hotel on 09 april 
  • call for reservation at soneva spa, i will be going there with jared’s dad anytime next week
  • a trip to rizal for bloggerfest 2011 on 16 april (that is if i was lucky enough to be included ;))
blogging-wise, i will be hosting my very first giveaway on this blog anytime soon (i’m still working out the details of it!) so please watch out for that, i think am also slowly getting the hang of having to maintain 2 blogs, but i have yet to work on a lot of things with my wp one, including the theme (i am still on the look out for a nice + simple theme to go with my blog). i am also harassing my brother to make me a header + logo for jared’s little corner (will be doing some major make over here too, just to bump + update my layouts, install some favicon + yep, a new badge will be in the works too ;)). i am also contemplating on hosting my own blog meme (one for each blog), some ideas are traversing in my mind now + i just have to learn a few tricks on meme-hosting (like where to find free linky tools, perhaps). that should keep my online life ulta-exciting for this month!
well, that’s it for now, from this little corner. remember to check out every too often for summer activities + whatnot that should interest you…put on those comfy flipflops, slap on those giant sunglasses + slather some sunblock for good measures + don’t forget to make this one rockin’ summer to remember! 😉
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whatta wonderful week #9

last week was such a breeze, evident that time is flying by way too fast when one is having fun.

what we’re up to in this corner?

we’ve basically spent the days at home. on tuesday, we did some errand, yep with jared + his dad in tow, for my sister-in-law when my nephew, sean, was admitted for throat infection whilst his dad was relegated to the sidelines with chicken pox, so you can only imagine how toxic it was in their household + in ours too. no one in our family had chicken pox in the past so you can only imagine how much we avoided my bro like a plague. it was a good thing, though, that jared had his chicken pox shot so that was one thing less for me to worry about. so i did some errands + bought a couple of replenishment for jared’s + the pantries’ too.



it was also the week when jared learned how to give mum a kiss, yep one actual wet kiss on mum’s lips + mum was giddy with delight. i am teaching him now to only kiss mum on the lips + give a quick smack on the cheek to everyone else! 😉

bloggingwise, excitement is quite building up with the upcoming grand eyeball for pmc members. now, i’ve never been on an eyeball my whole life + this will be the first time i’ll participate in one, so let’s see how i fare. it’ll be sunday next + as of writing a few mummies have confirmed their attendance already + if you haven’t done so, now is the right time to clear your schedule and do so. i am in dire need of ideas what to buy for my geb tokens. any hint anyone?

am also cooking up a simple giveaway (my first ever!woot!) for my readers soon, i may be posting it by the first of april (or if my busy mummy sched won’t make that possible, by the next week) am just finalizing my simple mechanics. so that is something i am also excited about + i hope you all watch out for that.

saturday was a red-letter day for earth hour of course and we had the house cast in the dark for one entire hour. see how we pass the time away + the lovely photos my sis took of jared of it in my post here.

sunday, cooped up in the house yet again, i’ve finally managed to place my order for some cool shirts from kcat (see my post about that here). i’ll be posting the photos once it arrived so you can have a look.
we’ve never been out much lately, but hopefully we’d catch the summer sun + have an outdoor activity in the coming days. plus, we are planning to have a summer outing (our original plan didn’t push through sooner since my bro + nephew fell ill) + i have yet to set up the huge pool i bought for my son. so that should keep my hands full in the next few weeks.

that’s about it for my wonderful week + here’s wishing you another wonderful week ahead! cheers!

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