jared in alterspace

i am totally enjoying this new online game mum recently discovered in facebook, alterspace. what’s so cool about this game is that filipinos designed it + whenever you finish tasks or level up, remarks in our vernacular, like “galing”, “ayos” and others, pop up, much to the player’s delight! i particularly like it whenever mum’s avatar jump for joy, with matching rosy cheeks to boot, after finishing a bowl of salad or gulping a glass of fresh buko (coconut) juice! she jumped for joy with a giggle! yay! i also love that every bit of it has a filipino touch in it. the establishments in mum’s planet, asteroid08, include the alterspace version of a carinderia or eatery, alteroturo, alterobee, planetpark, among others.

our planet, asteroid 08

mum said another thing to love about this game is that it teaches me simple things, even little kids like us, can do to help save the environment. here’s a few of the things we can do as suggested by alterspace:

  • during the day, open your windows + use natural light to save on electricity consumption (you might want to ask mum or a grown up to help you with this one, though)
  • turn off the lights + other appliances not in use
  • save water + turn off the faucet
  • use a glass while you brush your teeth instead of letting the faucet run the whole time
  • whenever you bathe, ask mum to use a pail + a dipper instead of the shower, it helps save loads of water
  • instead of sitting in front of the tv or the pc all day, ask mum to go out + play outside or better yet urge her to go to the nearest park for one afternoon of fun
  • use cfl lights or the bulbs instead of fluorescent ones, since they are more energy-efficient  
mum’s avatar in the kitchen preparing to eat snacks 🙂
    mum said kids ought to be playing this game instead of the other ones they usually played in the internet, since you will get to learn a thing or two about saving the environment while you enjoy playing. talk about hitting 2 birds with one stone. i just wish am old enough to play the game too, for now i’ll just watch on the sidelines while my mum plays.

    so how do you find this cool game?

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