messy-go-round 02: rice krispies medley

mum (in her desperate attempt to make me eat solids, i guess ;)) would allow me to have my own bowl of food + give me a spoon to go with it, so i can spoon all the goodies to my heart content. but almost all the time, + much to my mum’s frustration, my food would end up more like a plaything + scattered on the floor or stuck on my face 🙂 

take the rice krispies for example, i spoon most of the onto the monoblock chair + onto the floor afterwards. i also enjoy playing with my food with my hands, as clearly illustrated by this photo:

i guess mum also allows me to play with my food so i can be familiar with them + hopefully will soon be comfortable enough to grab a bite or take a spoonful. maybe in the near future i would. for now, i am totally enjoying my bottle + is definitely having a grand time making a beautiful mess of my food 🙂

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