jared’s favorite things: first blog giveaway extended!


due to the recent mishaps with blogger, i decided to extend my giveaway for another week, to give ample time to those of you who still want to join. mum will also be giving surprise gifts to some lucky participants + shall be adding all the participants’ blogs to our bloglists (both in this corner + in mumwrites).
don’t forget the easy-peasy ways to join + get yourself a Musikgarten GC (for manila readers) + an inflatable pool (for non-manila residents). just remember to indicate in your preferred prize in your blog posts. check my giveaway post for detailed instructions.
so what are you waiting for, join now! you’ve got until 21 may to join. + mum shall be announcing the list of the lucky winners on 23rd of May (she’ll be using list randomizer in random.org, by the way ;))

keep ’em entries coming + have a great sunday y’all!

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jared’s little corner is back + so is blogger!

a view from my room
it has been one quiet day from this little corner, no thanks to blogger’s recent chaos. mum was just hurriedly trying to post some of our backlogs when the post editor suddenly gone berserk + she could no longer post (that was wednesday, i think) then yesterday morning, she could no longer sign in on our blogger account + had to give up updating this blog altogether.
we are only glad that blogger is back + so are we..
offline it was quite a laid-back day with practically nothing to do, i guess mum was feeling a little lazy so she was easy on the home chores, nothing note-worthy really, apart from the power interruption (again, since there was another one in wednesday too!) which happened whilst mum is cooking dinner a little late. it meant one very hot + humid night again for me, but i guess i was a bit exhausted + dosed off easily anyway. i am still in dreamland as you read this…
also, we will be heading Subic-bound in  a few hours (yes, + whilst i sleep soundly, mum was up for almost 24 hours already!). it will be our first family swimming outing + i am sooo excited. too bad my tito + titas cannot join us since they will be busy with work half of the day. i do hope we can go on a swim again before summer ends. maybe somewhere just near our place so anyone, including my cousins, can join us 🙂
happy weekend everyone + stay safe y’all!
and please do not forget to join our very first giveaway (if you haven’t yet!), much thanks to those who joined (i was hoping you can all be winners, but alas, this corner has quite a limited budget, we’ll just come up with something in the future!) + for those who forgot to indicate which prize you’d like to vie for, mum has left a comment on your post + do update us as soon as you can, ayt?


giveaway update

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mommy + me monday 02: mother’s day 2011

mum + i did not have quite a good photo on mother’s day (she has yet to study the art of taking self-portraits!hehe) but i guess this one will do. this is just a quick shot my mum took the morning of mother’s day in our room (notice my new haircut? will post on it in a while) 
we were stuck inside the house on a gloomy + rainy mother’s day sunday, but it’s all good, since we’ve been out the whole day yesterday for the expomom (which will be posted soon too) + for my very long overdue haircut! so we kinda enjoyed the lazy time spent at home. i particularly enjoyed taking naps as the weather made me fell a sleep so much easier.
we had a sumptuous kenny rogers dinner, courtesy of my tita cecille (sorry guys no photo was taken, dinner was gone soon as it was served, see!haha!), i particularly enjoyed their chicken noodle soup it is one of my favorite food! rounds of hershey’s with milk chocolate + reese cups ice cream were served  afterwards but i didn’t feel like having ice cream that night. 
we capped the night all cooped up in my room watching tangled for the nth time! it was such a fun mother’s day all in all + i know mum enjoyed it lots too:)
got any mother’s day photo?

this is our entry to this week’s

Mommy and Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious?

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jared’s fave: tangled movie


this movie is my current favorite. i’ve watched it for about 10 times i think, since mum downloaded it thursday last 😉 this is a rehash of the old fairy tale rapunzel, which i have not seen yet. maybe i’ll ask mum to downloaded that too, so we can watch it + compare!
i love the song numbers in the film + i particularly enjoyed watching maximus, the horse, + pascal, the chameleon friend of rapunzel. here is my fave photo of him:

he never fails to make me laugh whenever he is shown on the screen. maybe i could ask mum if we can go see a chameleon in person…

how about you, what is your fave so far?

Note: image not mine

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kids in doodles 02: baby reading

one of the things that i enjoy doing is reading. i’d stare at the photos in my books, point to them + sometimes, i even pretend i could read them 😉

it was something i got from my mum. she has been reading to me in utero + would always read the book the land before time (a tale of a baby dinosaur named littlefoot + his adventures with his friends, cera, spike, + ducky) before we dose off to dreamland.

one of my most favorite book is a boardbook mum got me with photos of cars, trains + airplanes. i just love it!

this is our entry to this week’s (do click on the badge to see more kids in doodles) :

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