harry potter movie marathon

Harry Potteroffline for 3 days + occupied

i told you about our internet being down for 3 days + it rained the entire time, we never had the chance to go out of the house for a walk or a few minutes under the sun, no thanks to typhoon falcon. On friday, even my tita cecille was home-bound since due to the bad weather her boss cancelled work for that day. to keep ourselves amused, mum + i (with tito ken as alternate) would watch the rain from our bedroom window + see the water growing in our backyard (which is about up to my mum’s ankles by friday morning).

we’ve been doing it for several days already since it has been raining almost all week that everyone is just too tired of the rain come friday afternoon + is just praying it would go away sooner!

the grown-ups rediscovered an old favorite pastime activity + since i am only about 22 months + cannot really articulate my protest, i give in! but enjoyed much just a few minutes into it! yep, did i tell you people here at home are potter-nuts! they can talk harry potter all day long + yes, it also follows, they can watch potter movies on dvd’s all day long! + we did!

we started the journey with harry’s first brush with magic folk during his first year at hogwarts school. of course, there is no way you’d keep me glued on our lg screen longer than 30 minutes at a time, so i keep myself entertained + occupied with toys or books or my dood (that’s my baby talk for milk) or i’d sometimes doze off for a few minutes of naps!

long before i know it the first movie is finished + tito ken is fishing his 2nd dvd from his room. by the time the day is about to end + i was getting ready for bed, we have finished all 3 first movies already!

i really enjoyed watching most of it, especially that part with buckbeak + the flying car! i wish i can ride on beakie’s back too or drive a flying car! it will be very cool! πŸ˜‰ i also find fluffy, the dog with 3 heads, very cute + funny!

am not sure when we will have a potter movie marathon again, but i’ll be sure to watch with the grown-ups again! maybe my tito will let me borrow his wand for a while so he can teach me some spells πŸ˜‰

mum said the last harry potter movie will be shown very soon + the grown-ups are all raving about it! i hope i can watch it with them, but mum said i am not big enough to join! i guess i’ll just see it on dvd when it is out, then!

image from http://www.oldies-fever.com/2011/06/harry-potter-and-philosophers-stone.html

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toy stories 04: my soccer ball

soccer ball, ball

today i am sharing one of my oldest toys with you – my plush soccer ball. mum bought this for my very first christmas in 2009 from blue magic in sm pampanga. i guess this toy paved the way for my fascination with balls.

i simply love playing with it. sometimes i play on my own, sometimes i play with my cousins + my titos + titas, most times i play this with mum + dad. mum + i would chase each other around the kitchen with this ball. she also taught me how to kick using this toy. plus, i am also learning how to shoot with this ball, tossing it anywhere i can think of, yes, including mum’s face ;D

soccer ball, ballthis is a photo of several months’ old me, yep with the mits + socks, trying to give my ball a kick ;D

i fall into fits of laughter + giggles, having a kick with this ball, especially when mum tosses it up into the air towards our ceiling. just fun!

when you have a ball, you have the world’s greatest toy of all! ~ barney

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messy-go-round 04: the barefoot buddy!

playhey there! i was absent from the blogosphere for awhile as our internet canopy decided to drop dead stormy + rainy morning of friday last. + as a result mum was not able to update our blogs + was totally disconnected from the online world for the past 3 whole days! i’d blog about what we did to pass the time in my upcoming posts πŸ˜‰ am only glad to be online again + to see the sun again.

+ yeah, i guess you have noticed it by now, too! i do not know what happened but for some reasons, my photos seem to be larger than they actually are + mum (as baffled as i was) simply does not know what to do about it. so, if you have any ideas in mind or any helpful suggestions, it will be highly appreciated. kindly give my mum a buzz, thanks πŸ™‚

now on to my actual post. each morning my most favorite activity is to run + explore the outside world, the outside of our home that is, + i must not get past the cemented part near the house lest mum would totally freak out! i’d eagerly look at what’s there to marvel at (ducks at some time, my tito’s motorcycle at another or the ducks from the next door neighbor too, venturing into our yard). if i get lucky there are tiny birds or butterflies fluttering about. but, in this case, i found the yard empty of things to catch my fancy save for this one tiny little pebble lying silent in the ground. so i quickly picked it up + examined it + found a new friend in it! of course, mum has to shriek + tell me not to put it in my mouth as it is not edible, but i would probably try + find out for myself one day soon πŸ˜‰

+ did i fail to mention, i do all these morning meanderings on barefoot! so you can only imagine how messy + dirty my feet and the bottom of my pj’s would be after playtime or so you won’t have to imagine just look at the photo i posted.

nowadays, since the yard is quite muddy due to the almost-one-week rain, i was strictly told to stay inside or was even told to not go beyond the 4 corners of my room, which is really quite a bummer if you ask me! i must find ways to sneak out whilst my mum is busy doing something, so wish me luck! πŸ˜‰

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mommy + me monday 06: one fine saturday

weekend, tagaytay

we recently went to tagaytay with my titas + here are two of the photos we took that day. this first one is when we posed by the pine trees, just before we hiked up to the elevated part of crosswinds, which was said to be a helipad (or a place where a helicopter lands or takes off!), cool right? i totally enjoyed walking along the green patch + amidst the grass-peppered surrounding. my titas + my mum took turns walking with me. it was a hot + sunny day, + was perspiring like mad, my mum had to put powder on my back quite a few times.


we were given mats of red + blue to spread in the grass so we ca sit on them. a program was held + there are loads of contests + food. of course, i was too little to join the contests + is just mildly interested with grown-up food, well, except for the bottled water + the tasty pineapple juice, that is πŸ˜‰ i played in the afternoon until i got tired + come nightfall, we sent gleaming lanterns into the sky (remember that scene from my fave movie, tangled? it was so much like it!)

before we go home we even visited this pretty christmas house with loads of toys inside + beautiful snow outside. i also love the lights + played with it some. a man even gave me a box of candies + treat, which i gave to my cousins as my pasalubong.

that’s all for now, am sure mum will post about all of that afternoon’s adventures soon. sharing this through:Mommy and Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious?




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kids in doodles 04: mum or monkey bars?


i’ve written about our recent trip to tagaytay, but i failed to mention that apart from enjoying the scenic view, i also enjoyed doing this! err, i don’t exactly know what to call this nifty thing i discovered but here’s how it goes: when am sensing mum would put me down (most especially when we are outside or in a crowded place ;)), to show my disapproval i’d just claw my way to not being put down. i’d wrap my legs around mum’s leg so she won’t be able to put me down. in the end, i manage to stay in her arms! neat, right? it’s much like making a vertical monkey bar out of mum’s leg.

it really is effective, you should try it sometime πŸ˜‰

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