today is father’s day


Father's Day

yep, it is father’s day today, although i don’t think we will be celebrating the occasion with my dad + i best ask mum about it when i get a little bigger (or when i started speaking properly).

anyway, i guess if the weather gets better, we will probably visit my Papa’s grave later in the afternoon, otherwise it is will be just like any other day. i’d try to separate mum from the pc so i can watch nemo + the other fishies later, so wish me luck 😉

+ did i mention i just recently learned how to say “daddy”? quite timely, right? mum is teaching me how to say “tita”,”mummy” + “tito”, too, let’s just see how fast i learn them 😉

again, happy father’s day to my papa (i hope i was able to meet you), to my dad (wherever you may be celebrating today), to my tito ken (who takes care of me when mum isn’t around) + to all the dads out there!

have a happy sunday everyone!



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