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Thank you, blocks

mum can’t seem to figure out how the top commentators plug-in works in my blog, cause she had the same one in hers + it worked just fine. in my case, she cannot exclude the admins so I’d end up having her as top commenter. well anyway, apart from my mum, here are the people who’ve dropped by + left their comments to my blog in june. thanks to you all!

  1. jared joy (3)Top Commentator Award
  2. Mommy jes Mommy jes (3)Top Commentator Award
  3. Krystyn Krystyn (2)
  4. air air (1)
  5. arcee arcee (1)
  6. Bridget Brannon Bridget Brannon (1)
  7. Cielo of Brown Pinay Cielo of Brown Pinay (1)
  8. Dinah Dinah (1)

i will put the Top 2 commenters’ badge on my sidebar + since i am posting this late yet again, i will have the badges placed there for one whole month. that’s it for now, i hope to see you again soon here in my little corner 🙂


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