bubbles are bliss!

bubbles, kidslast week, mum finally managed to capture my fascination with bubbles using our camera. it was nighttime + my tita (aunt) cecille just got home from work. of course, i’d love to play with her as soon as i can. mum won’t let me run around the house since it is quite late and i was a tad sleepy, too, so i was stuck in my playpen.

kids, bubbles

what i did is ask my tita to make some bubbles (actually more like gestured for her to reach for my bubble sword since i am not speaking much yet!). i have this bubble sword that mum got from the toy store last month (it was my second actually, since i have managed to break the handle of the first one + used up all the bubble juice, too!). my bubble sword is rather big, it stands almost up to my chest + make a lot of huge bubbles to my enjoyment!

mum was on the sideline taking photos while my tita + i played. those photos above are just a few of the shots she made. she sure took a number of photos capturing the beautiful bubbles. you can check out our photos here. if you’d look at the photos one after another in a speedy manner, you’d actually think the images are moving! cool, right!

this is my kids-in-doodles moment of the week, have you got any?



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  1. He is the cutest little peanut ever! I haven’t visited in a while. I bet he’s a handful when he wants to be. I love making the bubble solution with my kids (mine are a bit older) and turning into a science learning project. Then they play with the bubbles afterward! xoxo

    Samantha from vB

  2. Bubbles are love! Una loves it and one of the few words she learned so easily. She loves it so much she doesn’t want to be rinsed during bath time because of the bubbles. Hahaha!

    Late visit from KID (July 25). Hope to see you in my blog: Playing in the rain

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