kids in doodles: postcards + a baby


my mum recently discovered a new hobby – collecting postcards! + every week the mailman would come around our place dropping a stack of postcards for her. just like last week. she was to put me to sleep for my afternoon nap + started checking out her newly received postcards, when i thought of something exciting to do!

kids, postcards

i went up from bed + snatched the stack of cards from my mum + went back to bed! of course, she can only shake her head in disapproval. i was looking at the cards one by one. mum said, they have these lovely pictures of places like new york in the u.s.a. + some interesting places in the philippines, too! like baguio + cagayan de oro. she also said she hopes we can visit those places in the future!

i guess my mum liked that i enjoyed checking out her postcards since she quickly took out the camera + snatched some photos of me. as long as i promise not to tear the postcards apart, i think mum will let me play with them some more πŸ˜‰

what have you been snatching from your mum lately? share it with us here:

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  1. Cute nmn ng son mo para syang ngbabasa hehe..anyway yung baby girl ko hinahablot yung buhok ko now a days..

    1. i was actually reading here! hehe! kids do the strangest things, sometimes i’d slap my mum + she gets so irritated πŸ™

    1. thanks mommy Clang! she always keeps the camera within reach, practicing her shots + i am, of course her favorite subject πŸ˜€

  2. HI Jared! That’s an interesting hobby of your mom. I hope her dream of visiting those places would come true. Visiting you from KIDS.

  3. Post crossing is getting to be so popular now. Maybe soon we’ll get into that too! And maybe Jared, someday, you’ll have your own set of postcards too, seeing how you enjoy looking at them. Visiting from KID. :))

    1. if there were pocoyo postcards am sure i will ask mum to get me some, too πŸ™‚

    1. haha! that is one creative way of using our mum’s collection! if i’d have been a little younger i would probably do the same. i used to eat anything i get my hands into πŸ˜€

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