last harry potter movie

my tito ken + i have been watching this a lot lately. this is the trailer for the new harry potter film (the last of ’em according to my mum). i actually find voldemort so mean + scary + i actually cried a few times in some scenes where he was shown, especially that scene in part 1 of this film where he was having a meeting with his death eaters + he screamed! i was startled that led to my crying. i startle easily you see!

i really don’t know why the grown-ups like this a lot, it is way too dark for my taste. i’d really love to see some colors + singing + dancing, maybe i should stick to my disney cartoons for now, what say you? 😉

i am sure mum won’t pass up on the chance to have me photographed beside a larger than life harry potter poster or whatever you call those displays in cinemas, so i guess, for the potter fanatic out there, it will be something to watch out for.

have a great one folks! 😉



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