lookie am a month older!


i am only a few week’s shy of turning 2 + i guess anyone who has not seen me in a while + would see me now will say that i have grown a lot! which i actually have, come to think of it. mum would often wonder how i’d grown so big in such a short period of time. i guess she’s still thinking back to the little infant she gave birth too almost two years ago! ;D

infant, i am no more! + i bet mum would agree. am now a bunch of unbounded energies raring to be released + to spread the energies to anyone or anything i get in contact with (which recently includes 2 poor + clueless bowls who happen to be lying lazily in the dining table where i joyfully pulled this red dome-thingy used to cover the food from insects + to my surprise, the bowls laden with leftovers from lunch came crashing just a few heartbeats away from me. i was lucky to survive with just a tiny cut in one of my left toes. i was rooted to the ground + so was my mum. her wail of worry + fear tore at the wind bringing me back to the here + now. + no i won’t forget the picture frame i was playing with a few days ago which fell to the ground with its glasses shattering to a million shards).

well before you get into the wrong conclusions,  i am not just a walking bunch of trouble + you can ask my mum that i do more good things than bad 😀 of course she would probably be biased more than half the time but it is probably inevitable! 😀

a few weeks back mum was surprised to see me tapping my hand on my knees while i listen to this music in youtube. i watch a lot of music videos on youtube, from alexander desplat to switchfoot, from 30 seconds to mars to incubus. i would love to grow up listening to a wide variety of songs + music +  i guess i have found another way of expressing my appreciation for music by tapping my hand on my knees. i don’t think it would be any harder to grow up as music lover as everyone in my family loves music.

anyway, mum is also amused at how talkative i have grown, with a bunch of mumbles. i can break into an entire litany with the grown ups understanding nary a word of what i said. i can be successful with car, or baby, or tito or daddy on one too many occasions. i can even get away with pato or other words a few times + my mum will be very happy about it. i guess, like most of the rest of my faculties (apart from walking + running, which i have mastered now with flying colors), i have quite a long way to go.

well, that is all for now, from my little corner. Do join my giveaway + be one of the lucky winners of awesome prizes including $100 Paypal cash + gc’s. I’ll wait for your entries, right? For now, let us make the most of the great weather + bask in the sun!

happy thursday, y’all! ;D

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