my orange books

orange, books

these are my wipe-and-clean orange books, the one with the indian boy is a book on big letters + the other one with the cow in it is a book on small letters. it contains pictures + drawings about letters. i enjoy looking at these photos + one time i even get to try my crayons on them. what is good about these books, apart from their fun + cheerful color, is that i can draw in them + mum would have no trouble erasing them to be spic ‘n span again. all she has to do is wipe off the markings with wet wipes, thus the name wipe-and-clean 😉

when i get a little bigger, these books will be great to practice on my reading too. for now, i content with staring at the photos + mum pointing out the stuffs to me + telling me what they are!

any orange stuffs you’d want to tell me about?

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